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Daniel Glazman wrote:

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> Good morning,
> As many readers of the W3C public forums do, we strongly believe that
> the DOM is one of the major improvements of the document's world and we
> would like to propose possible extensions of the actual W3C standards
> (and activities) that would, in our opinion, make things move forward
> in an even more powerful direction.
> First of all, we would like to see a bootstrapable DOM. In other words,
> we would like to be able to describe the DOM itself in a XML document
> conformant to a DTD. DOM level 1 Core could be described by one XML doc,
> DOM level 1 core+html by another one, and so on. It not yet clear to us
> if all the DOM can be bootstrapable or if a core is has to be
> determined.
> About the DTD itself and how it can be built, our second suggestion
> just below makes a proposal.
> Secondly, and because that description of the DOM will obviously need
> XSLT, we would like to see a meta-circularity of the couple DOM+XSLT.
> The DOM could be described in a XML document with XSLT inside and XSLT
> could be (obviously...) described using the DOM. That way, the
> coherence of these so important W3C recs can be achieved. Some other
> people could say that DOM and XSLT are then provable...
> Last point, we believe that CSS then needs a XML representation. Please
> do not read that we propose to XMLize CSS and drop the actual CSS
> formalism. We just propose to be build an isomorphism between the
> actual CSS and a fully XMLized representation of the same data. Then
> the CSSOM can also be bootstrapable, meta-circular and provable...
> We believe that such mechanisms could dramatically increase the
> eXtensibility of the DOM, XSLT and CSS, and the implementability of the
> new versions of these W3C standards. From our user's point of view,
> something highly desireable if software solutions take advantage of
> that and appear faster on our desks ;-)
> Claude Bahloul and Daniel Glazman
> Electricité de France

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