Re: DOM-Level-2-19991029 CSS OM

Bill dehOra wrote:
> Interface CSSStyleSheet (introduced in DOM Level 2)
>         'The CSSStyleSheet interface is a concrete interface used to
> represent a CSS style sheet, i.e. a style sheet whose content type is
> "text/css".'
> How imperative is this statement? Does this read 'is and only is
> "text/css"', or 'ideally is "text/css" '?

This is for 'text/css' only.

CSSRuleList is still an issue in the CSSOM.

> In the StyleSheetList, CSSRuleList and  MediaList  IDL interface
> descriptions appears the statement:
>         'The ___ interface provides the abstraction of an ordered collection
> of style sheets'
> Without being pedantic, what is meant in these contexts by an 'ordered
> collection'.

The order in the CSS rules is significant.

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