Re: DOM DOM binding considered harmful,discriminates against open source wrote:
> >    However, modified versions of the DOM bindings may be created
> >    provided that:
> >
> >         the W3C copyright notices are not removed;
> >
> >         a comment is added that the modified binding
> >              does not conform to any W3C standard;
> >
> >         in the case of the Java binding, the package names
> >              are changed to be no longer in the org.w3c package.
> Interesting proposal.

... and conformant with the OSD, I think ... though I missed the
original letter.

Alternative proposal:  type in the "org.w3c.dom" interfaces by
hand, don't use the sources W3C provides.  In effect that's what
is done for conforming to POSIX, ANSI-C, and ANSI-C++ standards
(so far as I know).

> Note that the same result can usually be accomplished (in Java, at least)
> by declaring a new set of interfaces, in the new package, which inherit
> from and override/extend the standard DOM API.

That's only "the same result" at a technical level, when the interface is
intended to be compatible ... things like "improved" APIs (lighter weight,
perhaps server oriented, removing perceived misfeatures) are precluded.

- Dave

Received on Tuesday, 9 November 1999 17:51:51 UTC