Re: DOM DOM binding considered harmful, discriminates against open source

David Brownell <> writes:

> [Re. standards not meeting OpenSource guidelines,
> <>]

> That's a problem for any "standards" organization that wants to
> control evolution of such IP, since it requires such control be
> yielded.  This is similar to the issue that Sun's "Community Source"
> licensing has hit -- interface/code evolution isn't in the hands of
> the community, unapproved forking is prohibited.

Another data point: IETF standards-track documents and many other RFCs
also disallow modification outside the IETF standards process per RFC
2223, section 11:


I believe many members of the free software and open source community
feel this is appropriate for standards and not truly in conflict with
the OSD.  It more closely matches the OpenContent license, for


ObDisclaimer: I've never before read a comment or opinion from a FS/OS
community member that speaks to this particular issue.  Probably a
good question for Ask Slashdot.

  Ken MacLeod

Received on Tuesday, 9 November 1999 17:31:35 UTC