Re: DOM L2 comments, various

"Stephen R. Savitzky" wrote:
> Arnaud Le Hors <> writes:
> > I don't understand. If you're already up for using non standard
> > extensions, why can't you simply use a non standard type attribute for
> > that? In ECMAScript it is especially easy to add a property to an
> > object.
> It doesn't allow you to use a nonstandard node in a place where the standard
> ones are currently not permitted (e.g. the DTD).

Why not? I guess you misunderstood what I said. All I'm saying is that
if you're defining your own type of Node, giving up on interoperability,
relying on the W3C nodeType attribute is no longer a requirement. You
can add a myVeryOwnType attribute that all your nodes will have and for
which you're completely free to use *any* value.

Received on Tuesday, 5 October 1999 13:11:03 UTC