Re: DOM L2 comments, various

John Cowan wrote:
> Au contraire.  I believe that using instanceof for type discrimination
> (as in, if (x instanceof Element) do_this else if (x instanceof Attr) do_that)
> is the worst kind of bogus OOP.  My implementation makes zero
> guarantees about underlying classes, how many or with what crossovers.

Well, I disagree, but it's ok.

> BTW, I don't see how you can implement all HTML*Element interfaces with
> one class in Java, since some of the instance methods have incompatible
> return types, and Java doesn't allow overloading on the return type.
> I needed IIRC six classes.

Same here, that's why I said "_Basically_ all the HTML*Element
interfaces were implemented on the same class." ;-)

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