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Jeff Mackay <> wrote:
> How about a real-world example that has nothing to do
> with a DTD?  Lets say I write a parser that processes
> Active Server Pages.  The syntax used to mark
> server-side scripts is <% file://insert your script here
> %>.  The script marker nodes are custom node types. 

Help me out here; I unerstood from a lot of reading that
XML (as opposed to HTML) had as its primary purpose
the definition of a syntax which would facilitate the
machine processing and generation of information.

What exactly does your proposed extension do that
you couldn't define an XML namespace to do? I have
to admit the proposal to allow for extensions which
allow things I thought the standard already allows for
rather surprised me.
> Still others might say that since they violate XML
> syntax rules I can't create a new node type.

I certainly have no objection; you can do anything
you want (the great advantage of computers). I
just don't see from what you wrote why you want to
do what you describe, since as far as I can tell,
XML already appears to define what you want as 
a basic feature.

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