Re: DOM L2 comments, various wrote:
> So far, ASP syntax is the best argument I've heard for extending
> the node types.

Not really.  ASP is structurally not markup -- it's <%foo...%>
constructs, or equivalent, with text that doesn't need to obey
markup rules.  Or it was the last time I looked at it in detail.

> Parsing the content of a <script> _doesn't_ do it for me.

It's just an "Element" after all.  Maybe HTMLScriptElement.
Node type is ELEMENT_NODE.

> Re low-memory/large-document: Remember that the DOM is only an API;
> how the data is stored behind it is up to the implementation. There
> is room for cleverness and tradeoffs here. 

Not a whole lot of such room, though; the API has a bit too
much "stuff" in it.

- Dave

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