CSS API Task Force?

Hi, folks-

It seems to me that there are several badly-needed and important APIs 
related to CSS that may not have a high priority in the CSS WG itself, 
because of a traditional emphasis on the markup aspects of CSS.

Considering that the WebApps WG is currently being rechartered, and has 
the right set of eyes to drive and review API specs, does it make sense 
to make a joint Task Force between the CSS and WebApps WGs (and maybe 
the SVG WG, which this affects) to handle these deliverables?  The FX TF 
between CSS and SVG WGs seems to be useful and productive, so this is a 
proven model.

Off the top of my head, this would probably include the following specs:
* Fullscreen API
* Selectors API
* Widget Media Feature
* Font Metric API

If we want to do this, this would mean that all these items should be 
put into scope of the WebApps WG charter.  (Alternately, we could start 
a CSS API WG to focus on these items, also as joint deliverables with 
the CSS WG.)

We would also need to determine a chair for this CSS API TF, to really 
drive these deliverables.



Received on Tuesday, 7 February 2012 15:45:32 UTC