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Hi Anne,
I consider, I am being realistic, Any apparent negativity comes from my
past 5 years of experience dealing with leading lights of the WHATWG
community on accessibility and HTML5.


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> On Thu, 26 Apr 2012 10:35:09 +0200, Steve Faulkner <
>> wrote:
>> I agree vigilance is the key, that is why i am subscribed to the commit
>> watchers mailing list, read the IRC logs and read up on the WHATWG mailing
>> list on a regular basis. I have now also  subscribed to the whatwg list,
>> which is what is practically required of any WHATWG 'community group'
>> member if they want to participate. So simply subscribing to the mailing
>> list achieves the same outcome without supporting the pretence of the
>> 'community group', which as we all know is just a mechanism for WHATWG to
>> get a patent policy.
> You're so negative man. And I have hard time seeing why. WHATWG is a
> community. W3C provides a legal framework for communities. WHATWG uses that
> happily. There's no pretense. In fact the WHATWG communicated quite clearly
> why it was set up.
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> Anne van Kesteren

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