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Unchartered and Sinking

From: Bjoern Hoehrmann <derhoermi@gmx.net>
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2012 05:30:36 +0200
To: www-archive@w3.org
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  I would leave it to characters like Delores Herbig to run around and
tell people that a taut ship is a happy ship, but I do tend to point out
that this wreck at the bottom of the ocean has many holes in its Rumpf,
while this other ship that's actually afloat does not, so, it stands to
reason that if the foundations of a ship are not watertight, well, that
is probably a good thing if you intend to make an underwater museum, but
not so much otherwise.

Taut is an interesting word, tie, tow, tight, tied, Tau, tauen, there is
even taufen meaning tief machen, putting something under water, meaning
in modern parlance to baptize, all words concerning bindings and water.
Tau is dew, more water, tauchen is diving, again going under water, and
so on. Tauen can mean towing a ship to something, it also means thawing;
bindings and water. Tief, as above, means deep, also as noun, some place
in the sea that's very deep, a Tiefdruckgebiet is a low-pressure area, a
low, a depression, deep, below normal, below mean sea level, more water.
A tear is water from the eye, german Träne, and the Treene is a river;
trennen, breaking up, can often lead to tears, just like seeing patterns
where there are none.

Many years ago I figured, talking to W3M, pointing out that if the W3C
can't even make sure Working Groups are properly chartered, which is a-
bout as foundational as you can get, all failures on top of that should
not come as a surprise. A lesson not learned, unfortunately. If you have
a look at PR-media-frags-20120315 and click through the links, you will
find it has a section "Collected ABNF Syntax for HTTP Headers" that has
no place in the specification, that does not even mark which references
are normative and which are not, the Working Group homepage doesn't even
mention the PR, if you look at the charter you will see the group has
expired in January 2011, if you look at the Activity homepage that it
belongs to, you will find it expired in December 2011, it's years be-
hind its original schedule, if you look at www-tag archives you'll find
phrases like "nothing short of laughable" used to refer to its work.

Unchartered and Sinking.
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