ISSUE-201 extension?

Hi Janina,

I couldn't make out from the minutes of last week's telcon[1] if you
officially asked for an extension on ISSUE-201, or if the A11Y TF was
simply considering asking for such an extension. Did you end up asking
for one? If so, did the chairs grant or deny it? If the chairs granted
it, does it allow all of the change proposals to be worked on until the
F2F, just Frank's, or an as-yet-unannounced additional proposal?

Here's the relevant section of the minutes:

> Janina - key item might ask a postpone on issue 201
>          would like to discuss this at the F2F in May
>          The hope and expectations is that in the F2F we can agree on
>          a resolution that works for everyone in the group
> paulc  - See
> Janina - A good time would be on thursday afternoon at the F2F to
>          discuss
> Sam    - are you asking for an extension or postponment?
> Janina - we are asking for an extension

(That last line makes it seem like you did, but the first line leaves it
ambiguous and I haven't seen any email from the chairs granting or
denying the extension request.)

I'm currently working on my change proposal, which is due by the end of
the day tomorrow. I'm not asking for an extension myself, but whether or
not you ask for one (and whether or not the chairs grant one) will help
me to plan the use of my time in the coming weeks.



Received on Tuesday, 10 April 2012 18:13:39 UTC