Re: disinterested chairing [was Re: summary="" in HTML5]


The public-html mailing list is currently a usability nightmare, and 
this is largely because rhetoric is being conflated with reason and 
details.  For Sam to bring order to this WG and make it functional, he 
has to be even-handed in moderating the tone from all sides.  I 
personally think he is doing just what a chair should.

-Doug Schepers
W3C Team Contact, SVG and WebApps WGs

Jonas Sicking wrote (on 2/26/09 1:02 PM):
> I 100% support Sams actions here.
> There is a real problem of a bad tone and distrust on the HTML mailing
> list which has made me quite uncomfortable at times. In order to fix
> this we need chairs to point this out and show that this is
> unacceptable behavior.
> If anyone suspects that someone on the list is acting out of malice or
> not according to our goals (which includes ensuring that HTML is
> accessible) then this problem should be raised in well formulated
> emails in separate channels. Be that directly to the person himself,
> to the chair, to Philippe, or even as a separate thread to the html
> mailing list.
> However underhanded comments in technical threads does no-one any
> good. It just results in further mistrust and bad atmosphere on the
> list.
> I've certainly head plenty of disagreements with Hixie. Not
> specifically in the area of accessibility (since I don't have enough
> experience there to have strong opinions), but for example on XBL and
> on API design. However I've never found that being accusing has ever
> helped.
> I do agree that Hixies arguments aren't always consistent. I urge you
> to instead of assuming malice, simply point out the inconsistencies
> and ask what he means. In some cases I'm sure it's because of
> misunderstandings. In others simply errors on either side.
> But if we can't have a civil tone and assume that everyone is working
> with the best intentions to the best of their abilities I don't think
> we'll be able to accomplish anything. Much less something as complex
> as a new version of HTML.
> / Jonas

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