Re: @summary in HTML5

Steven Faulkner wrote:
> Hi Sam , thanks for the clarification.
> I would be more than happy to discuss summary with you, it is an open
> item in PF and as a member of both PF and HTML WG have been working
> the issue from both sides. That is not to say i speak on behalf of the
> PF in the HTML WG.
> Will ping you when I have had a chance to discuss more in PF. Although
> open in PF it has been pushed to the back lately due to discussion
> around HTML5 and alt.

I think brainstorming either before you discuss it further in the PF, or 
for me to participate in those discussions may be a productive use of 
our times.  Off-list, I've sent you some contact information.

> regards
> stevef
> 2009/2/24 Sam Ruby <>:
>> Steven Faulkner wrote:
>>> Hi Janina,
>>> As you may be aware, the request to include the summary attribute in
>>> HTML5 has been declined by the editor Ian Hickson again [1]
>>> The arguments (I consider) hinge on differences in interpretations of
>>> the available data and the utility of the summary attribute.
>>> I request that the PF review this issue again and correspond with the
>>> HTML WG chairs on this issue. Initially to request that the issue
>>> contine to be considered unresolved as I consider no level of
>>> consensus has been reached.
>>> [1]
>> I'm continuing to track the issue, and the status is OPEN.
>> I'd like to brainstorm with you on this subject sometime.  I plan to be at
>> the upcoming AC meeting, can also do IRC, IM, or phone between now and then.
>> - Sam Ruby

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