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> # # [03:32] <karl> >Can someone please tell me why the XHTML 1.x media 
> type note has not been changed to address the concerns that I brought 
> to the attention of the working group? I expect the XHTML2 working 
> group to make the requested changes to the document ASAP.
> # # [03:32] <karl> *sigh*
> # # [03:33] <karl> working with the community or asking like if it was 
> a paid service

It's not about being polite, patient, and waiting for the change to 
occur, it was deliberately ignored for political reasons, they had said 
they wouldn't change it. Can I suggest that you get the facts before you 
jump in and judge me.

The HTML WG has had to put up with all sorts of bogus complaints and 
objections from that group. We have even had to mark out the areas on 
the spec that they object to (which is really silly as these objections 
are unfounded). Then when I make a legitimate complaint about their work 
all I get is political push back and stone walling. It's a pity that I 
am the only one (AFAIK) in the HTML WG that is trying to fix/attend-to 
these problems that other working groups are causing for HTML5. We have 
about 380 people in the HTML WG and several W3C staff working on HTML5, 
but it appears that I'm the only one that's got the guts to stand up and 
ask the difficult questions, make the awkward objections, and deal with 
the W3C politics that keep being put in front of HTML5's path. I was the 
only one (except DanC) that objected to the "RDFa in XHTML1" spec that 
clashed with HTML5, and even then that group ignored my complaint and 
refused to change their spec. Someone from the HTML WG should have 
contacted the XHTML2 WG about this "mime type document" conflict months 
ago but it seems everyone's too afraid to deal with all the politics 
involved. Why hadn't you objected to this document or pointed out the 
contradiction? It shouldn't be left for me to deal with.

In the future; if you have a problem with some thing I have said or 
done, can you please let me know through email (and cc the archive if 
you wish) as I'm not on irc 24/7 to refute your comments towards me.

Dean Edridge

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