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IE8 incompatibility issues (was: Re: Issue: IE 8 adds new DOM Properties for ARIA -- not compatible with other impls)

From: Simon Pieters <simonp@opera.com>
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 11:54:05 +0100
To: "Dave Pawson" <dave.pawson@gmail.com>, "Chris Wilson" <Chris.Wilson@microsoft.com>
Cc: "Jon Gunderson" <jongund@uiuc.edu>, "Aaron M Leventhal" <aleventh@us.ibm.com>, "Charles McCathieNevile" <chaals@opera.com>, "Marc Silbey" <marcsil@windows.microsoft.com>, "David Poehlman" <poehlman1@comcast.net>, www-archive@w3.org, "Anne van Kesteren" <annevk@opera.com>
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On Mon, 10 Mar 2008 15:55:35 +0100, Dave Pawson <dave.pawson@gmail.com>  

> On 10/03/2008, Chris Wilson <Chris.Wilson@microsoft.com> wrote:
>>  I think that the only issue is the addition of camel-cased DOM  
>> properties that directly expose the ARIA properties.  Has anyone run  
>> across any others?
> http://annevankesteren.nl/

More specifically http://annevankesteren.nl/2008/03/ie8-bad

Please ask if there's something that is unclear from those points.

I'll try to clarify the last two bullet points specifically:

<meta> Switch: Documents without a doctype or with a quirky doctype should  
force quirks mode in IE8 even if the HTTP header or the meta tag says IE=7  
(or 8 or edge etc.), otherwise if authors create pages that use the meta  
but no doctype or a quirky doctype and only test in IE8, those pages would  
expect standards mode but get quirks mode in other browsers (including  



Parsing (dropping attributes): In IE7, given the markup "<a href>" or  
"<img src>", the href and the src attributes would not be added to the DOM  
like other attributes would (and should per HTML5). IE8 seems to drop all  
valueless attributes if the attribute is "known" (not only href and src).  
This is a new incompatibility with older IEs and other browsers, and per  
HTML5 authors are supposed to be able to write markup like e.g. "<span  
title>" (being equivalent to "<span title="">"). So: IE8 should never drop  


Parsing (namespaces): This is, I think, mainly about lack of communication  
with the HTML WG. It would be good if Microsoft could join the discussion  
starting at  

Simon Pieters
Opera Software
Received on Wednesday, 12 March 2008 11:00:01 UTC

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