Survey on HTML5 First Public Working Draft release

Hi Bob,

I'm writing to ask if you can submit a vote for the "Release HTML
5 specification as a W3C Working Draft?" WBS survey that's
currently open for the HTML working group -

The deadline for submitting a response is Wednesday, January 16.

For more details, see the related message that Dan sent out to the

As Dan notes in that message, he has set quorum for this survey as
"50 working group participants, including half the 28
participating W3C member organizations". We already have more than
50 responses to the survey but we don't yet have responses from 14
member organizations. So I hope you can help the group reach
quorum by taking time to submit a vote before the 16th.



Michael(tm) Smith

Received on Saturday, 12 January 2008 02:55:06 UTC