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Hi anne,
>guess we believe more in argument and evidence than process.
I also believe in argument and evidence, I just don't believe in ian
hickson being the sole decision maker of what constitues a valid
argument or reasonable evidence.

Don't you think it is a  ironic that you talk about an 'appeal to
authority' in negative terms when the only way to get things into the
spec is to have one person make a judgement on the virtues of an
argument or evidence? The ultimate authority figure.

and the beat goes on...


2008/8/29 Anne van Kesteren <>:
> On Fri, 29 Aug 2008 13:48:11 +0200, Steven Faulkner
> <> wrote:
>> It took me by surprise that a whatwg IRC  regular such as yourself was
>> citing the charter, the statement was a general remark, not intended
>> to necessarily imply that you personally have disdain for the html WG
>> charter, but as a comment on the usally derisive remarks and comments
>> of your peers that litter the IRC when W3C HTML WG process or the W3C
>> in general is cited as a reason to take a particular action.
> I guess we believe more in argument and evidence than process. (Which often
> feels like appeal to authority.)
>> If you took it as a personal slight, that was not intended.
> Then please be a little bit more careful with your words next time as "you"
> and "in this case" certainly made it sound like it was about me.
>> 2008/8/29 Anne van Kesteren <>:
>>> I would like an explanation for "btw It is good to see you recognising
>>> the HTML WG charter in this case." as I've no idea when I tried avoiding the
>>> HTML charter and I would like to know.
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