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[wbs] response to 'Grant I: Grant of License for Contributed Test Cases Published as Part of a W3C Recommendation'

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Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2007 11:47:02 +0000
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Your email address has been used to submit the following answers to a W3C
questionnaire; to confirm these are indeed your answers, please go to
with the following code: j1Az4Mh9
If these are not your answers, you can also suppress them for our systems
at this same address, although this will happen automatically after 7 days
if they are not confirmed.

Your answers won't be taken into account unless you confirm them in the
upcoming 7 days.

The submitted answers follow:

Information about the Contributor
Please provide the required information about the contributor.

Name of the contributing organization (or your name if contributed by an
individual): Deyanira
Your role in that organization (leave blank if contributed by an

Information about the Contribution
Please provide sufficient information to identify the contributed test
cases (e.g., a URI or other reference):


Additional Relevant Information
Please provide any other information that is relevant to the contribution.
Deyanira site

Confirmation of Agreement
Once you have provided the information required above, please
confirm the following statement and then submit the form to complete
your contribution.

 * [x] On behalf of the contributing organization named above, I agree to
the above Grant of License for Contributed Test Cases Published as Part of
a W3C Recommendation.

These answers were last modified on 

Answers to this questionnaire can be set and changed at
http://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/1/testgrants-200409/ until 2010-10-01.


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