Re: "Dr. H.A.F.M.O van Mierlo" example

/ Dan Connolly <> was heard to say:
| Well, the sort-string bit looks right, but why is
| nickname inside the fn?
|>    <v:VCard>
|>       <v:fn>Dr. H. A. F. M. O van Mierlo</v:fn>
|>       <v:n rdf:parseType="Resource">
|>          <rdf:type rdf:resource=""/>
|>          <v:nickname>Hafmo</v:nickname>
|>       </v:n>
|>       <v:sort-string>Mierlo, H.A.F.M.O, van</v:sort-string>
|>       <v:title>minister of foreign affairs</v:title>
|>    </v:VCard>
| I see "IS THIS RIGHT? The domain of the v:nickname property is the
| v:VCard class." in the schema. Yes, that's the way I'd do it.
| nickname isn't like given-name/family-name/etc.

Ok, fixed. (Can we move this back to the semantic-web list anytime soon?)

| p.s. how did we get off-list again? Ah... I see Bruce's msg
| didn't go to
| +cc www-archive.

Better than no where, I guess.

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