Re: SPARQL query to calendar Re: - failed attempt of using it

On Mon, 2006-11-27 at 08:07 +0900, Karl Dubost wrote:
> Le 26 nov. 2006 à 03:14, Dan Connolly a écrit :
> > Is the public-cwm-talk mailing list hard to find? I wonder why you
> > didn't send your message there, and/or www-rdf-calendar.
> hmm good question.
> I used this program because dom recommended it, so my starting point  
> is a mail. And inside the program comment, there's nothing which says  
> send your feedback to public-cwm-talk or www-rdf-calendar.

Ah. OK. Maybe I should fix that.

It does say...

see also:
  RDF Calendar Workspace

... but maybe that's too indirect.

> > What is it that you're trying to do?
> A bit more context, it is for my review work on specification.
> -> SPARQL request on tr.rdf
>     curl -o lastcall.rdf '…SPARL  
> request…'
>          #  SPARQL query for Deadline on Last Calls
>          PREFIX rec: <>
>          PREFIX dc: <>
>          PREFIX cal: <>
>          CONSTRUCT {[] a cal:Vcalendar; cal:component [a cal:Vtodo;
>          cal:summary ?title; cal:dtstart ?deadline]}
>          FROM  <>
>          WHERE {
>          ?LastCall dc:title ?title .
>          ?LastCall rec:lastCallFeedBackDue ?deadline .}
>          ORDER BY ?deadline
> -> lastcall.rdf to lastcall.ics
>     python lastcall.rdf > lastcall.ics
> So I get a calendar of every Last Call Deadlines, which helps me to  
> track which ones are urgent to review and I might not have done.

Interesting idea.

As long as you're using code from 2000/10/swap, you might want
to try cwm's SPARQL support.

"Cwm can now run as a SPARQL server. This includes:
      * cwm --sparql=, which behaves like --query="

Also, I think that query will make a separate cal:Vcalendar
bnode for each result. I doubt that's what you want. I think
maybe mozilla's calendar supports that, but Apple iCal seems
to throw away everying after the 1st BEGIN:VCALENDAR.

You might try something like...

  CONSTRUCT {<#c1> a cal:Vcalendar; cal:component [a cal:Vtodo;

> Probably, I should also create my own rdf file with what I have  
> reviewed, but I'm not sure where to start yet.
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