Re: HTML WG charter review, tracking feedback

On Thu, 2006-11-23 at 02:59 +1100, Dean Jackson wrote:
> Hi Chris, Steve,
> Maciej, Ian and David have given useful feedback on the HTML WG  
> charter. What is the process by which this feedback is considered?
> Does it have to wait until it is submitted by the AC review?
> If some of the feedback is accepted then it might be a significant  
> change to the charter. Does this mean an extra round of AC review is  
> required?
> Or, if everyone "here" agrees, is it possible to change the charter  
> currently under review?

Good questions.

I advise that you
  - leave the charter under review stable during the review

  - maintain another draft where you integrate feedback as
    you see it. Share this other draft with whoever you see fit.

In particular, give a pointer to it when you reply
to Maciej, Ian and David. Oh... they're all copied here, I see.
And www-archive is copied. Hello, fishbowl! Whee!

Perhaps the charter under review should be tweaked just slightly,
to note the presence of the other draft with a link.

> [I'm not sure who is included in "here" - the people that have  
> replied so far? the entire list of people cc-ed?]
> Dean
Dan Connolly, W3C
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