[w3photo] temporary RDF 'post' server

As discussed here:


I've set one up here:


It's pretty simple: you can send RDF data to it and it will assign it a
url, add the contents to the database and add the url to a list of urls
to be harvested; or you can send it an RDF url and it will put the RDF
data in the database and add the url to the list of urls to be harvested.

That list is here:


- so that anyone can find it and reharvest the data from the urls.

The database won't accept anything that isn't valid RDF, but otherwise
isn't picky.

You can also retrieve the data using 'squish' RDF queries and returning
RDF. There's an example on the page, and I will add some more.

I hope that's useful. Please have a play with it - I'm sure there are
problems with it.



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