[w3photo] Naming sites and activities

I may be in the minority, but...
All this naming subdirectories and registering domain names that have the
word photo in bothers me. (w3photo, etc)
Since none of the sub-directories proposed were without it, I didn't offer
an opinion then, but here goes.

I suggest that the word photo should be avoided, if possible.
a) Although the photo bit of the activity is perhaps the most obvious (and
where the whole thing started), it is not everything. Actually we are trying
to create something like a semantic web site for the conference. It will
certainly be, I hope, an interesting resource to go to for things other than
b) Who knows where it will be in a few years time. It might well have
evolved to a beautiful example of how to present a knowledge-enabled web
site of a conference series. It might even become *the* site for a whole
bunch of conferences. The word photo would then become irrelevant,
misleading (as now, I think) and even embarrassing. Surely all
knowledge-enabled thingies will be multimedia.

I'm still not sure what would be a good name, however - sorry.


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Received on Thursday, 15 January 2004 10:42:30 UTC