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[w3photo] W3Photo IRC Notes Jan 7

From: Greg Elin <greg@fotonotes.net>
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 16:08:18 -0500
To: semantic-photolist@unitboy.com
Message-Id: <71E2DB7A-4543-11D8-8B2A-000393B64216@fotonotes.net>

January 7 IRC Summary

Greg Elin, mc schraefel, Libby Miller, and "bryce".

Next Group IRC:
January 13, 16:00 UTC/GMT. Channel:  irc.freenode.net  #rdfig

Summary (prepared by greg@fotonotes.net):
Discussed UI in more detail among interested parties. Discussed and  
clarified different UI's including Fotonotes as initial default UI for  
captioning annotations to photos; AKTive Space as initial default UI  
for exploring conference conceptual space of presentations and papers;  
and MIND LAB's UI as alternative toolset and an ontology more focused  
on identifying generalized conference categories as opposed to  
specifics categories describing the conference materials.

Discussed timeline for UIs. The most important UI is for contributing,  
browsing, and annotating photos. The UI for conference material is not  
as urgent and will be drawn from existing material rather than  
contributions via a website.

Discussed UI for annotating photos. Discussed adding 3 or 4 structured  
fields to Fotonotes single text area for annotating people/things  
depicted in photos. Discussed incorporating aspect of other tools, like  
Libby's, for describing photo overall.


This is the TEMPORARY discussion list for the W3 Semantic-Photo History
Project. For questions, contact greg@fotonotes.net.

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