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[w3photo] Review - "Front Door" Website

From: Greg Elin <greg@fotonotes.net>
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 14:21:09 -0500
To: semantic-photolist@unitboy.com
Message-Id: <7A091091-4534-11D8-8B2A-000393B64216@fotonotes.net>

I think I've finished(?) a 'front-door' web site describing the project
and pointing people in correct directions. I *think* I've got
appropriate stubs where information is lacking at present so site could
go live asap.


Happy to temporarily host it here, but I'd rather see it at
www.www2004.org/w3photo or something like that.

Please note:
1) repository and semantic tools launch new windows to allow
flexibility of URLs, servers

2) I've put a "come back in Feb 5" message where the repository should

3) comments and questions welcome (I'm not crazy about colors; we need
a logo); proof-reading appreciated!

Greg Elin

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