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RDF Interest Group IRC chat: title list for annotations / comments

From: Dan Brickley <danbri@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002 09:30:26 -0500 (EST)
To: <www-archive@w3.org>
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find . -name '*.xml' -exec grep title {} \;

Who needs XSLT? ;-)

/me wonders how to hyperlink the titles to the articles (and associated discussion)

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Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002 14:43:57 GMT
From: danbri@fireball.danbri.org
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<title>XML version of the front page</title>
<title>Building the Semantic Web</title>
<title>Using the dc bot</title>
<comment nick="edd">To title a link, rather than having the raw URI, put a pipe as the first thing after the label, e.g. <i>A:|title o my link</i></comment>
<title>CWM - Closed World Machine</title>
<title>MS XML parser, version 3.0</title>
<title>RDF Interest Group IRC channel, 2001/03/09</title>
<title>Chat logs in RDF</title>
<title>Paparazzi strike again: Art Barstow</title>
<title>Semantic Web History: Nodes and Arcs 1989-1999</title>
<title>Jocelyn Paine&apos;s home page, including links to Model Master spreadsheet work and Oxford Uni AI soc.</title>
<title>Microtheories: An Ontological Engineer&apos;s Guide</title>
<title>ACM Digital Library -  CYC, WordNet, and EDR critiques and responses (for full text subscription req&apos;d)</title>
<title>Cycorp press release 2001-03-06, pre-announcing &apos;open access&apos; release of Cyc KB and associated technology.</title>
<title>www-rdf-config mailing list archives</title>
<title>RDF for Web server config</title>
<title>Agents and the Semantic Web</title>
<title>Semantic Web Scrapbook: RDF and MOOs</title>
<title>Jena: Implementing the RDF Model and Syntax Specification</title>
<title>International Semantic Web Workshop (SWWS) - July 30/31 2001, Stanford</title>
<title>EU Semantic Web Technologies programme</title>
<title>Dan Brickley&apos;s &quot;Semantic Web and Me&quot; wishlist</title>
<title>International Symposium of Visualisation of the Semantic Web</title>
<title>the workings of the chump</title>
<title>DRAFT Namespace Policy for the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI)</title>
<title>An Evaluation of the World Wide Web with respect to Engelbart&apos;s Requirements</title>
<title>Dan&apos;s trip to KT2001 in Austin, Mar 2001</title>
<title>A Generic Approach for Representing Model-Based Superimposed Information</title>
<title>RDFedt - RDF Editor for MS Windows</title>
<title>Generic Resources</title>
<title>SWI Prolog packages page, includes add-ons for ODBC/SQL connections, RDF/XML and Java API.</title>
<title>The Dimensions of Context-Space, Doug Lenat (cyc)</title>
<title>Supercharging WSDL with RDF, Uche Ogbuji</title>
<title>ScribeBot: toward an automated meeting secretary</title>
<title>WSDL submission</title>
<title>DESIRE report - Integration of Indexing and Subject Gateways</title>
<title>Web Search Environments (WSE)</title>
<title>The Semantic Web: Metadata Processing for UNIVERSAL</title>
<title>an event-based[INDECS, Harmony] model of Internet RFC publication.</title>
<title>XSLT of some sort for XSet</title>
<title>RDF Schema for XSet</title>
<title>Jonathan Borden&apos;s XSet Work</title>
<title>Design of a User Interface for Computer Algebra Systems</title>
<title>RDF Interest Group Site</title>
<title>RSS feed of IETF RFCs</title>
<title>Building the Semantic Web</title>
<title>A URN Namespace for IETF Documents</title>
<title>A URN Namespace for IETF Documents</title>
<title>W3C Workshop -- Digital Rights Management for the Web</title>
<title>Consistent User Interface</title>
<title>proxy to support mid: URI in web user agents</title>
<title>Examples - Getting into RDF &amp; Semantic Web using N3</title>
<title>Show Libby your support for the calendaring task force</title>
<title>An Index of WWW Addressing Schemes (in Notation3)</title>
<title>Orchard by Ken MacLeod</title>
<title>W3C URI Persistence Policy</title>
<title>Cool URIs don&apos;t change</title>
<title>The Power of Metadata, by Rael Dornfest and Dan Brickley (from O&apos;Reilly Peer to Peer book)</title>
<title>History of Speech Act Theory</title>
<url>http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/title-1998-09 is</url>
<title>On Information Factoring in Dublin Metadata Records</title>
<title>Redland RDF Parser Tests</title>
<title>Extending the Mozilla Editor, by Brian King(O&apos;Reilly Network)</title>
<title>IRC in Mozilla, aka ChatZilla</title>
<title>Jaberzilla, at mozdev.org (instant messaging add-on for Mozilla)</title>
<title>Querying and transforming RDF, by tefan Kokkelink </title>
<title>Ximian Technology</title>
<title>Source for the dc_rdfig bot released</title>
<title>Search over the RDF IG IRC Scratchpad</title>
<title>Querying and transforming RDF</title>
<title>German foreign service bans MS</title>
<title>Example of XPath for Notation3</title>
<title>Hypothetical Concatenated Term</title>
<title>An Informal Definition of the term &quot;m12n&quot; from some blokes homepage</title>
<title>XMTP an XML representation of MIME</title>
<title>an example property set for MIME</title>
<title>the actual XML property set as described in B:</title>
<title>A description of the property set production language</title>
<title>Some thoughts on an Algebra for Graphs</title>
<title>Programming Ruby</title>
<title>an example of defining terminologies using RDDL</title>
<title>Creating the Semantic Web with RDF: Professional Developer&apos;s Guide by Johan Hjelm</title>
<title>CC/PP RDF Vocab work enters last call</title>
<title>Jena-inspired enhancement to Orchard</title>
<title>A namespace URI reference that has a fragment identifier</title>
<title>Orchard RSS</title>
<title>RDFWeb notebook: aggregation strategies</title>
<title>RDF-related comments on CC/PP</title>
<title>What does RDF stand for?</title>
<title>mockup of a logo for our chump installation</title>
<title>The same RDFS/XHTML defined by itself</title>
<title>An experimental RDFS/XHTML defined in RDDL</title>
<title>Data to data: URI Encoding Form</title>
<title>SiteSummary for Zope</title>
<title>XML Schema: Formal Description is now published </title>
<title>Image of Ximian Red Carpet Executive Summary</title>
<title>Ximian Red Carpet</title>
<title>WYSIWYG HTML editor in javascript</title>
<title>(Re-)Expressing Qualified Dublin Core in RDF (draft)</title>
<title>Seth&apos;s &quot;Getting a Coherent Experience from the SW&quot; Graph</title>
<title>The RDFWeb Squish stuff</title>
<title>Alexander Chislenko&apos;s PICS-era &quot;Semantic Web vision paper&quot;</title>
<title>Is the Semantic Web a pipe dream?</title>
<title>RSS processing code in Evolution</title>
<title>Querying and transforming RDF</title>
<title>More logger features</title>
<title>the RDDL spec transformed into RDF</title>
<title>RDDL to RSS 1.0</title>
<title>XSLT which transforms RDDL to RDF</title>
<title>RDDL javadocs</title>
<title>RDF - why we should care - and RSS</title>
<title>Metadata, Web caching and URI Resolution</title>
<title>URN Namespace for NewsML RFC</title>
<title>misc notes on schemes</title>
<title>An Index of WWW Addressing Schemes</title>
<title>RSS file for the RDF IG chump</title>
<title>Tim Berners-Lee on the W3C&apos;s Semantic Web Activity</title>
<title>Dave Beckett&apos;s Excellent Resource Description Framework (RDF) Resource Guide</title>
<title>XSB tabled logic programming and deductive database system </title>
<title>Sergey Melnik&apos;s RDF API Draft</title>
<title>Creating the Semantic Web with RDF: Professional Developer&apos;s Guide by Johan Hjelm</title>
<title>Redland Language APIs</title>
<title>SWIPE 0.1 Specification (Brickley, Steer, Miller)</title>
<title>Extending and Querying RSS channels (Dan Brickley, Libby Miller Nov 2000)</title>
<title>Examplotron 0.1 - a schema</title>
<title>Ten Risks of PKI: What You&apos;re not Being Told about Public Key Infrastructure</title>
<title>Semantic Web Development (a proposal)</title>
<title>KI-2001 Workshop on Applications of Description Logics, Vienna, Austria (sept 18, 2001).</title>
<title>ISBN Database Project</title>
<title>SourceForge Web Foundry</title>
<title>connecting rdfwebring to weblog narratives (RDFWeb scrapbook)</title>
<title>RDF Description Services, an RDF IG discussion document (1999)</title>
<title>Mozilla XUL Tutorial, Tree widget example (subsequent examples show Mozilla UI generated from views into RDF datasources, aka &quot;Aurora&quot;). </title>
<title>Contemporary definition of a &quot;standard&quot;</title>
<title>Toying with an RDF-based protocol</title>
<title>DELETE ME</title>
<title>XFree86 Font Deuglification Mini HOWTO</title>
<title>Example of RDF describing a Linux RPM software package from UK Mirror Service</title>
<title>Getting There From Here - Deploying RDF in a Large Scale Mirror Service - Dave Beckett</title>
<title>Resource Description Framework (RDF) at the UK Mirror Service</title>
<title>Red Carpet (new GNOME installer) uses RDF for their news</title>
<title>ISBNdb2 -- The Next Generation</title>
<title>PRISM: Publishing Requirements for Industry Standard Metadata</title>
<title>IPsec charter</title>
<title>W3C XML Encryption Working Group</title>
<title>Simple Object Definition Language (SODL) and XMOP Service</title>
<title>Brewing a HailStorm</title>
<title>John Naughton&apos;s footnotes page</title>
<title>Apple&apos;s generation OS X</title>
<title>John Naughton with the Hailstorm/World Domination Theme</title>
<title>JigEdit HTTP Traces (Google Search)</title>
<title>Representing UML in RDF</title>
<title>Catalysis notation</title>
<title>UML Center</title>
<title>State Diagrams in UML: A Formal Semantics using Graph Transformations</title>
<title>Developing the UML as a Formal Modelling Notation</title>
<title>Low hanging friut Semantic Web applications</title>
<title>RDF calendar taskforce and use-cases</title>
<title>Groove, a peer to peer app</title>
<title>Long mail from Steve Newcomb concerning political state of play with Topic Maps</title>
<title>RDF Thesaurus Specification (draft)</title>
<title>Cheshire distributed Z39.50 search</title>
<title>Slashdot asks if the web is becoming unsearchable</title>
<title>Pymmetry - Python Trust Metrics</title>
<title>The XML Schema Namespace</title>
<title>The W3C SVG Logo as a data: URI</title>
<title>CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model Special Interest Group (International Council of Museums)</title>
<title>W3C RDF FAQ</title>
<title>turning CVS commit logs into an RSS feed</title>
<title>A media type for Resource Description Framework (RDF)</title>
<title>From the IMS (educational metadata) world, some work in progress on reflecting  IMS metadata into the RDF model.</title>
<title>Functional Programming and XML by Bijan Parsia</title>
<title>an implementation of the URI absolitization algorithm in XSLT</title>
<title>Logic meets communication protocols (in KIF, to DAML/OIL joint-committee)</title>
<title>Netscape&apos;s What&apos;s Related Service, Brian Kelly looks at Netscape&apos;s What&apos;s Related facility </title>
<title>JMdRdf (Java Midori Rdf)</title>
<title>Wordnet RDDL Viewer</title>
<title>XML RDF For the Logic Namespace</title>
<title>Corrected N3 For the Logic Namespace</title>
<title>The N3 Logic Namespace Schema in XML RDF</title>
<title>Documenting style sheets using RDF Comments as first-class resources</title>
<title>Programming GNOME Applications with Perl, Part One </title>
<title>IN BRIEF: UDDI and RDF - from Information Architects</title>
<title>On the Translation of Higher-Order Problems into First-Order Logic (1994)</title>
<title>Set Theory in First-Order Logic: Clauses for G&#168;odel&apos;s Axioms.</title>
<title>Something concrete to argue about wrt mathematical induction as second order.</title>
<title>Computer Assisted Proofs in Set Theory</title>
<title>Rules for the Semantic Web</title>
<title>My response to the &quot;RDF&apos;s wooly and broken&quot; critique (nutshell: fix the Web/URIs don&apos;t pick on RDF alone)</title>
<title>Events and Their Names, by Jonathan Bennett </title>
<title>eviant Logic, Fuzzy Logic : Beyond the Formalism, by Susan Haack</title>
<title>Pat Hayes on RDF&apos;s problems</title>
<title>RDF reification semantics in Larch</title>
<title>Danny&apos;s Extreme Programming links page</title>
<title>ANNOUNCE: RDF Interest Group IRC channel, tools, logs: #rdfig</title>
<title>GINF, Sergey Melnik&apos;s original RDF project (includes RDF representatations of HTTP etc).</title>
<title>Logic Meets Communication Protcols: HTTP, MIME, XML, and RDF specified in RDF/n3</title>
<title>Resilient Network Object Domain Infrastructure</title>
<title>Why RDF model is not exactly the XML model</title>
<title>KIF as an RDF Schema</title>
<title>IHMConcept map software</title>
<title>SmartCode is Information Architects RDF server </title>
<title>RDF Core WG in the W3C Semantic Web Activity</title>
<title>Can we agree on triples ?</title>
<title>Kex, an expert system for the Palm</title>
<title>Enabling Inferencing - mozilla.org</title>
<title>RDFweb for developers</title>
<title>Jena: Implementing the RDF M&amp;S Specification</title>
<title>Information modelling in RDF by Graham Klyne</title>
<title>Parka-DB a scalable inference system</title>
<title>draft abstract for xml europe 2001</title>
<title>UPC database</title>
<title>Representing vCard Objects in RDF/XML</title>
<title>Tim Berners-Lee - a quick look at iCal</title>
<title>Notation 3 -- a wiki RDF</title>
<title>Storing RDF in a relational database</title>
<title>A Personal View of Changes to Make in RDF and RDF Schema to support good representational practices</title>
<title>JKP, the Java Kif Parser</title>
<title>A stab at a RDF schema for syndicating a ecommerce catalog</title>
<title>Understanding RDF by Dan Brickley</title>
<title>XML::Writer Perl extension for writing XML documents.</title>
<title>CARA RDF API written in Perl</title>
<title>Ignore me</title>
<title>Exhibits the tags m,p</title>
<title>James Northrup</title>
<title>A modest proposal for reforming RDF</title>
<title>Seminar on Knowledge Engineering Spring 2001</title>
<title>RDFWeb notebook: aggregation strategies</title>
<title>IDEAlliance ceases to be host organisation for TopicMaps.org</title>
<title>Third Voice web annotations shuts down</title>
<title>The project at w3c for annotating stuff out of line</title>
<title>trying to figure out the syntax of this slide</title>
<title>Representing vCard Objects in RDF/XML</title>
<title>Greg Fitzpatrick/Jonas Liljegren notes on XML/RDF calendaring for Skical</title>
<title>RDF Calendar Demo</title>
<title>XLinkit rules: how to, technical details</title>
<title>minimally working palm datebook-&gt;RDF hack from DanC</title>
<title>Sesame - RDF Schema-based Repository and Querying facility</title>
<title>P5-Palm, a set of Perl modules for reading and writing Palm database files</title>
<title>Sign Your Page in RDF (quick start guide)</title>
<title>Multi-Agent System: An Introduction to Distributed Artificial Intelligence</title>
<title>AutoHelp </title>
<title>A Catalog of Temporal Theories, Pat Hayes</title>
<title>refresh:agnolog - Culture for the Semantic Web</title>
<title>W3C Annotea Namespace/Schema</title>
<title>SWI-Prolog RDF</title>
<title>Page about XSB and the SW (includes DAML resources and link to the Java/XSB bridge code)</title>
<title>DARPA Agent Markup Language (DAML) Overview, by Mike Dean</title>
<title>Site Summaries in XHTML</title>
<title>Resource Description Messages (RDM), W3C NOTE 24-Jul-96, Darren Hardy &lt;dhardy@netscape.com&gt; </title>
<title>Networked Knowledge Representation and Exchange using UML and RDF</title>
<title>Springer Computer Book Sale (online an in some stores)</title>
<title>Acrobat 5 gets RDFy metadata support?</title>
<title>Situation Calculus with Concurrent Events and Narrative</title>
<comment nick="bijan">Not <i>quite</i> as scary as it&apos;s title.</comment>
<title>A Handy Line-breaking Algorithm for XML (esp XHTML)</title>
<title>p5-Palm a set of Perl modules for reading and writing Palm database files.</title>
<title>SyncML &quot;the new era in data synchronisation&quot;</title>
<title>dup. oops.</title>
<title>RDF Process Profile (RPP)</title>
<title>coldsync -- open source gui-less palmpilot sync</title>
<title>pstopdf -- for the Postscript-disabled desktop</title>
<title>Semantic Web Area for Play</title>
<title>RSS in N3</title>
<title>pilot-link portal page</title>
<title>Counting Angels</title>
<title>On Denoting, Bertrand Russell (1905)</title>
<title>Categories, &quot;by Aristotle (350 BCE), translated by E. M. Edghill&quot;</title>
<title>Knowledge Representation, Logical, Philosophical, and Computational Foundations  (by John Sowa)</title>
<title>danbri grumbles about the tendency to treat URI naming as magic</title>
<title>A mozilla-rdf thread on problems and gotchas with calling the Mozilla RDF parser apis...</title>
<title>SKICal - an extension of iCalendar</title>
<title>RDF IG discussion lists</title>
<title>POE - persistent object environment</title>
<title>The Distributed National Electronic Resource (DNER) and the hybrid library</title>
<title>MIT Journal of Computer-Aided Law</title>
<title>legal XML effort</title>
<title>Dave Winer mentions groupware as a &quot;killer app&quot; for XML-RPC</title>
<title>The MONA project</title>
<title>A Gentle Introduction to Haskell: About Monads</title>
<title>FrontPage of Haskell Wiki</title>
<title>trdf.pl -- worlds nastiest RDF/XML parser: 732 lines of perl4-ish perl.</title>
<title>The Unknowable, G.J.Chaitin</title>
<title>NARS (Non-Axiomatic Reasoning System) is an intelligent reasoning system. </title>
<title>Son of BirdBrain</title>
<title>Quoting RDF triples using XPointer extension</title>
<title>Embedded Markup Considered Harmful</title>
<title>Dan Libby talks about calendaring and stuff on xmlrpc.com</title>
<title>PNG Wontok pidgin as global language</title>
<title>RDF PNG Icon</title>
<title>&apos;Deconstructing the Mind&apos;, by Stephen Stich (c/o Amazon bookstore).</title>
<comment nick="danbri">Unfortunately titled (for the pomo-averse), contains some interesting views on theory of reference.</comment>
<title>Calendaring in SWAD</title>
<title>A World of Conceptual Graphs</title>
<title>RDF PNG Icon</title>
<title>perl-XML RDF modules discussion</title>
<title>Perl RDF APIs thread on perl-xml mailing list</title>
<title>Web Resource Application Framework (WRAF)</title>
<title>Adventures with OpenOffice and XML</title>
<title>Aims for the RDF IG crowd and their Semantic Web development</title>
<title>Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach</title>
<title>XHTML Simple 1.0 -- An XHTML Schema Language</title>
<title>Why triples? an argument for the RDF view of web documents</title>
<title>Readings in Knowledge Representation (Brachman, Levesque; eds.)</title>
<title>Some experimental work on writing XML Schemas for the RDF 1.0 XML syntax, by Dan Connolly</title>
<title>Updated version of DanC&apos;s mime type proposal</title>
<title>e4Grahp Open Source C++ Graphics Software</title>
<title>Action Applications Cross Server Networking Specification</title>
<title>Sem (Semantic Memory) </title>
<title>Linking Records Raises Risks</title>
<title>The Polyadic pi-Calculus: A Tutorial</title>
<title>nature article with Jim Hendler on Semantic Web</title>
<title>Adding Images to your site</title>
<title>Some info about the DIGITA(TM) Operating System for DigiCams.</title>
<title>Java-based tool/API which downloads interconnected fragments of RDF from the Internet and builds a knowledge base from them</title>
<title>Track by Nocturnal EMissions</title>
<title>Rapier RDF Parser</title>
<title>ACIDBase is a Pure Java ODBMS with heavy reliance on XML for schema, query input and result output, and RPC. A unique API provides for object linking without massive transitive closure loading operations when objects are reloaded.</title>
<title>MetaKit database engine</title>
<title>Mozilla in RDF</title>
<title>Notes on RDF Calendaring Task Force</title>
<title>PalmPilot Datebook and the Semantic Web</title>
<title>RDF scratchpad</title>
<title>ILRT / HP Labs meeting about RDF dealing with containership isues,  November 2000</title>
<title>Getting started in the RDF Core WG</title>
<title>Joining up the information landscape, by Michael Breaks and Roddy MacLeod</title>
<title>Project Change Report XML format</title>
<title>Pat Hayes posted some introductory notes on approaches to inheritance in logic-based systems.</title>
<title>Annozilla (Annotea RDF annotations in Mozilla)</title>
<title>XML and Standards Rescue Ship-to-Shore Telemedicine</title>
<title>this link in error -- corrected above</title>
<title>Handling Binary Data in XML Documents</title>
<title>More tire-kicking on the schemas front (eWeek article)</title>
<title>XMTP: An RDF/XML representation of MIME/RFC 822</title>
<title>SVG in mozilla</title>
<title>Perl script to make html+JavaScript for RDF/RSS</title>
<title>Sesame&apos;s interpretation of RDF Schema</title>
<title>Semantic Graphs and XML documents</title>
<title>Danbri/Libby&apos;s Web of Trust Schema</title>
<title>A magnet-app for RDF Calendar</title>
<title>RDFS Validator in N3</title>
<title>An Introduction to Prolog and RDF by Bijan Parsia</title>
<title>an rss 1.0 searcher for the chump annotations</title>
<title>Dia drawing program</title>
<title>RDF database of irc chat logs</title>
<title>quick picture of RDF Annotea work inside of mozilla</title>
<title>P3P 1.0 Spec</title>
<title>P3P Base Data Schema</title>
<title>Logs from the first RDF Core telecon</title>
<title>Toward Distributed Use of Large-Scale Ontologies</title>
<title>SMIL demos</title>
<title>Mona Papers</title>
<title>The Carrier Pigeon Internet Protocol implemented</title>
<title>RDF Tutorial</title>
<title>The Temporal Logic of Actions</title>
<title>Transitive Property Test Filter In Notation3</title>
<title>Pat, Is RDF capable of N order logic?</title>
<title>Introductory Logic Animations</title>
<title>A method of writing proofs that makes it harder to prove things that are not true</title>
<title>What do you do with a missing prefix?</title>
<title>Building Ontologies with RDF</title>
<title>A Resolution To The RDF Concatenation Problem (just kidding)</title>
<title>Experimental New Approach In RDF Namespaces</title>
<title>RDF calendar taskforce links page</title>
<title>Minutes of first RDF Core telecon</title>
<title>Roadmap for the W3C</title>
<title>Using Dublin Core</title>
<title>XSD namespace as used in DAML</title>
<title>&apos;tis the XML Schema Namespace</title>
<title>The simplicity of XML</title>
<title>relational mapping?</title>
<title>Services on the Semantic Web</title>
<title>On context and uniqueness</title>
<title>Building Semantic Web Applications with Redland</title>
<title>Semantic Web Workshop</title>
<title>Sesame, RDF-Schema based querying and repository facility</title>
<title>What is NESSTAR?</title>
<title>Objectifying the Web the &quot;light&quot; way: an RDF-based</title>
<title>Article version of Eric van der Vlist&apos;s presentation on &quot;Building a Semantic Website&quot;</title>
<title>an XML Schema for (a little bit of) RDF</title>
<title>Eric Prud&apos;hommeaux&apos;s presentation on RDFdb and Algae</title>
<title>Annotea Bookmarklets, by ArtB</title>
<title>the slides Ralph is presenting</title>
<title>Building Ontologies with RDF and DAML+OIL</title>
<title>OIL </title>
<title>The Outliner stuff from XUL</title>
<title>DAML+OIL, March 2001 version.</title>
<title>Alexander Christian Miller</title>
<title>QName Problem Isn&apos;t One</title>
<title>open source conference in Stockholm that I speak at this week</title>
<title>WWW10: Push or pull? How about both?</title>
<title>MainFrame: Possible Worlds</title>
<title>Why Ontologies are Not Enought for Knowledge Sharing</title>
<title>DAML Validator</title>
<title>Realism, model theory, and linguistic semantics</title>
<title>DanC and DanBri rehash the &quot;semantics of URI refs&quot; discussion (neither seems to persuade the other)</title>
<title>A Temporal Description Logic for Reasoning about Actions and Plans(1998)</title>
<title>NPR, Godel, Semantic Web thread on xml-dev</title>
<title>RDF IRC Chat Logger documentation</title>
<title>IRC Chat Logger</title>
<title>Top Google Hit for &quot;semantic web&quot;</title>
<title>IRCBot for Zope</title>
<title>Main Page</title>
<title>An RDF Schema for the XML Information Set</title>
<title>RDF IRC Chat Logger</title>
<title>Mapping Between Content-Types (MIME types) and URIs</title>
<title>RDF for sitemapping: Biz/ed testbed data</title>
<title>Infoset RDFS</title>
<title>Slashcode RSS 1.0 (RDF) channel</title>
<title>Notes on Annotea demo at WWW10 Developer&apos;s Day, Edd Dumbill</title>
<title>Reports from WWW10 by Edd Dumbill, XML.com</title>
<title>Web Architecture: Index of Terms</title>
<title>Draft RDF Core WG Minutes 11 May 2001</title>
<title>An extended example of web markup in SHOE, DAML+OIL (and an intro to N3)</title>
<title>Second RDFCore Telecon</title>
<title>Author Douglas Adams dies</title>
<title>Defining logical relationships between documents, schemata, URIs, resources and entities</title>
<title>Stefan Decker&apos;s WWW10 Semantic Web event photos</title>
<title>Description Logics</title>
<title>Model noodling</title>
<title>Semantic Web Mining workshop at ECML/PKDD-2001, Freiburg, Germany</title>
<title>JADE (Java Agent DEvelopment Framework)</title>
<title>N3 &lt;-&gt; RDF Converter</title>
<title>Another fragment issue</title>
<title>EARL 0.9 RDF Schema visualised using Protege Ontoviz tool (by Danny Ayers for WAI ER group)</title>
<title>Michel and DanBri discuss RDF and TopicMaps, with some useful test data</title>
<title>XSLT stylesheets for converting ISO 13250 Topic Map documents into XTM 1.0 syntax. </title>
<title>New FOAF T-Shirt Design</title>
<title>RDF Schema/Vocabulary Evolution</title>
<title>Semantic Web Workshop Schedule</title>
<title>In honor of Douglas Adams</title>
<title>colors: an example DAML+OIL ontology</title>
<title>Candidate icons for the Semantic Web</title>
<title>Logical Systems</title>
<title>Semantic Web vision paper by Alexander Chislenko (1997 :)</title>
<title>Having the Right Connections: the LIMBER Project</title>
<title>Building Multilingual Thesauri using RDF, Alberto Reggiori et al.</title>
<title>MODEL MASTER</title>
<title>Safer Internet - 2001 calls for proposals</title>
<title>RDF Thesaurus Specification (draft), Phil Cross, Dan Brickley, Traugott Koch</title>
<title>RE: What do the ontologists want, bill de hOra, www-rdf-logic</title>
<title>John Sowa&apos;s msg in the Conceptual Graphs mailing list thread on the Scientific American Semantic Web article</title>
<title>Citeseer entry for &quot;A formulation of the logic of sense and denotation&quot;(1951), A Church</title>
<title>Citeseer entry for &quot;Sense and Reference&quot; by Gottlob Frege</title>
<title>Reading list for Jonathan Cohen&apos;s Seminar on Reference</title>
<title>(Review of) The Victorian Internet, a book on the origins of the global communications network.</title>
<title>RDF Syntax Hacking</title>
<title>An XML Encoding of Simple Dublin Core Metadata</title>
<title>Log of RDF Core Telecon for 2001-05-18</title>
<title>What the ontologists *really* want</title>
<title>RDF Logo ideas page by danbri</title>
<title>Ontology, Metadata, and Semiotics, by John F. Sowa</title>
<title>TimBL speaks on Semantic Web at first WWW Conference</title>
<title>Leonard Kasday has passed away</title>
<title>EARL - the Evaluation and Report Language</title>
<title>Notes on &apos;tagged&apos; logics, reification by Jim Hendler</title>
<title>RSSUp - An ASP script that automatically upgrades RSS 0.91 to RSS 1.0</title>
<title>XML Protocol Requirements, subsection on Data Representation (note that it calls out RDF, and makes XML schema support a requirement)</title>
<title>sample rdf/topicmap</title>
<title>The Semantic Web Today</title>
<title>Possible Worlds: A Critical Analysis</title>
<title>A Strawman Abstract Syntax for RDF</title>
<title>XML for knowledge management series, Uche Ogbuji</title>
<title>RDF-in-Mozilla FAQ (including overview of Moz RDF API, see &apos;how do I access the information in a datasource&apos;</title>
<title>Using the Jena API to Process RDF</title>
<title>an RDF specification of the Revision Control System (RCS)</title>
<title>Semantic Web Meeting Records</title>
<title>Chatlogs down till Tuesday</title>
<title>Professional Developer&apos;s Guide</title>
<title>Pentuples - a proposal for an internal data structure</title>
<title>RDF Abstract Syntax</title>
<title>Logilab presented Narval at Linux Expo 2001</title>
<title>RDF and Topic Maps, so similar and so different! (XMLhack article)</title>
<title>Admin Core - proposed Dublin Core elements, Rennato Iannella, 1999</title>
<title>ops:errorReportsTo and ops:generatorAgent</title>
<title>RSS 1.0 Module: Administrative</title>
<title>Linear Logic</title>
<title>CIM/XML Resources</title>
<title>Semantic Web Today</title>
<title>Resource Description Framework - class slides from John Punin</title>
<title>RDF Examples and Miscellaneous Tests</title>
<title>Updated Test Cases for RDF Core Issue rdf-ns-prefix-confusion</title>
<title>Minutes and IRC Log for RDF Core Telecon of 2001-06-01</title>
<title>Invention Machine&apos;s &quot;powered by semantic technology&quot; site search loses when you search for &apos;semantic&apos;.</title>
<title>SWAP update: sax-based RDF parser</title>
<title>Python Unicode Tutorial</title>
<title>iCalendar in UML</title>
<title>Unreify means &quot;If {B represents C} and  {A r B}, then {A r C}&quot;.</title>
<title>Proposal for extensional representation of statements.</title>
<title>On Information Factoring in Dublin Metadata Records</title>
<title>Future of RSS Poll</title>
<title>How to fix RDF?</title>
<title>Cyc Time Vocabulary</title>
<title>Rapier C RDF/XML Parser by Dave Beckett</title>
<title>Notes on Formalizing Context - John McCarthy, Stanford (1996)</title>
<title>An old RDFPath proposal</title>
<title>RDFPath Discussion Group</title>
<title>Protege plug-ins </title>
<title>Extending RDF Syntax for Logic</title>
<title>RDF Dictionary for the legal world</title>
<title>PyPGP SourceForge Project</title>
<title>Redland 0.9.9 released</title>
<title>Dublin Core Type Vocabulary</title>
<title>Chat Logs for 2001-06-08 Telecon</title>
<title>PRISM metadata specification presentation at Interwoven, San Francisco</title>
<title>A Logical Interpretation of RDF </title>
<title>frmget bookmarklet</title>
<title>Linux on a Vaio</title>
<title>SWAP Advogato Project Page</title>
<title>XMLNews 2 RSS service/script</title>
<title>RTF version of below</title>
<title>First draft of an iCalendar RDF schema</title>
<title>Squish tests page</title>
<title>SBP Semantic Web Hacking</title>
<title>Accessing Information and Services on the DAML-Enabled Web</title>
<title>Mobile Information Device Profile (Java)</title>
<title>Writing the Semantic Web - Jon Udell</title>
<title>e-carshare project in bristol (ILRT :)</title>
<title>A wrapper for the VRP RDF parser to make it a SiRPAC datasource (rough cut, Oct 2000).</title>
<title>Interesting discussion of the Occurs Check Problem.</title>
<title>Warren&apos;s Abstract Machine: A Tutorial Reconstruction</title>
<title>Boing Boing - Articles from Mark Frauenfelder</title>
<title>Peter Norvig&apos;s site.</title>
<title>Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs - 2nd edition</title>
<title>W3C Semantic Web Activity </title>
<title>See &apos;node&apos;s</title>
<title>Generic fragment identifier syntax</title>
<title>N3&lt;-&gt;RDF Conversion Service</title>
<title>Old directions in free logic, existence and reference in medieval logic by Gyula klima</title>
<title>Trust Metric code in Python</title>
<title>Ignore this</title>
<title>DMOZ Cleaner</title>
<title>Gigantic RSS 1.0 channel for RDF calendar taskforce links</title>
<title>El.pub Analytic Issue Number 6</title>
<title>Tree Regular Language Grammar for RDF</title>
<title>Michael Arick&apos;s Hybrid RDF schema for iCalendar </title>
<title>Use cases from the DSpace project</title>
<title>National Library of Medicine</title>
<title>More SWAD Stuff</title>
<title>INDECS: Tools and standards (pdf document)</title>
<title>Microsoft, RealNetworks Clash over Rights Software, Reuters via ZDNet, 2001-06-20</title>
<title>Logic Quizmaster</title>
<title>ILRT&apos;s SOSIG website, Philosophy and Logic section</title>
<title>DAML+OIL reference description</title>
<title>Where DAML+OIL deviates from the RDF-Schema spec.</title>
<title>Sesame&apos;s interpretation of RDF Schema, by Arjohn Kampman and Frank van Harmelen</title>
<title>Java Shapefile Reader</title>
<title>Sample Graph in GML Format</title>
<title>The associative model sees information in the same way as our own brains: as things and associations between them. These associations are expressed through the simple subject-verb-object syntax of an English sentence.</title>
<title>Lazy Software </title>
<title>XML Samples from the Notion System</title>
<title>Ontologies are Fun !!!</title>
<title>An RDF/RSS to XUL sidebar tool for Mozilla / NS6</title>
<title>Standards support in Netscape 6, RDF</title>
<title>Making a Semantic Web, by Joshua Allen</title>
<title>OpenCyc XML schema (CycML) passes the W3C validator </title>
<title>DCMI Tools Workshop</title>
<title>A regular expression pattern for a proposed RDF abstract syntax</title>
<title>RELAX NG Formal Semantics</title>
<title>Time for Consolidation</title>
<title>Cyc write-up in US business press</title>
<title>Google search for &apos;rdf&apos; images</title>
<title>Eric Prudhommeaux&apos;s Perl RDF library</title>
<title>A story about RDF and XML (position paper on XML Processing Model)</title>
<title>Sergey Melnik&apos;s GINF roadmap (RDF IG post, Sept 2000)</title>
<title>Adam Bosworth of Crossgain on XML, Web Services, SOAP etc</title>
<title>RDF syntax details, RELAX NG (rdf-interest discussion)</title>
<title>XML 2001 proposal deadline 30 June</title>
<title>Ignore this</title>
<title>DCMI Architecture: Testing DC/RDF using RDF Query</title>
<title>Mallum Log</title>
<title>Mozilla Help System project page</title>
<title>Ignore this</title>
<title>Biz/ed RDF metadata testbed (now with some sample data actually accessible :)</title>
<title>W3C Tech Reports Index (in RDF/xml)</title>
<title>Some Javascript Hacks for Excerpting from the Web</title>
<comment nick="AaronSw"><a href="javascript:document.write(&apos;&lt;pre&gt;@prefix ed: &amp;lt;http://www.w3.org/2000/08/eb58#&amp;gt;.\n@prefix dc: &amp;lt;http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/&amp;gt;.\n&quot;&quot;&quot;\n&apos;+document.getSelection()+&apos;\n&quot;&quot;&quot;\n\nis ed:excerpt of [\n  = &amp;lt;&apos;+location.href+&apos;&amp;gt;;\n  dc:title &quot;&apos;+document.title+&apos;&quot;;\n  dc:date &quot;&apos;+(new Date(document.lastModified).toUTCString())+&apos;&quot; ">this version</a>.\n&lt;/pre&gt;&apos;)] works on my browser (Mac/IE5)</comment>
<title>The Evolution of SOAP::LITE, by Paul Kulchenko 2001-06-29 (O&apos;Reilly OpenSource convention)</title>
<title>Seventeenth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, August 4th-10th 2001, Seattle, Washington, USA</title>
<title>XML &lt;-&gt; non-XML filter project</title>
<title>Comparing Open Source Indexers</title>
<title>A(n XML) schema for serialised infosets, Richard Tobin and Henry Thompson, LTG, University of Edinburgh</title>
<title>New version of the MusicBrainz metadata spec</title>
<title>Flyer for Healthcare Semantic Web talk at NCI Bioinformatics Seminar</title>
<title>Web Architecture: Describing and Exchanging Data, W3C Note (7 June 1999)</title>
<title>Prolog FAQs</title>
<title>Aaron Swartz interviewed about the Semantic Web on the radio (RealAudio Format)</title>
<title>UNIVERSAL Brokerage Platform (UBP) - metadata</title>
<title>ATLAS - Agent Translation Language for Advertising Services</title>
<title>N-Triples grammar noodlings - Dave Beckett</title>
<title>Some logo ideas I collected last year</title>
<title>Thinking XML #4:  Basic XML and RDF techniques for knowledge management, Uche Ogbuji</title>
<title>Amaya Editor/Browser</title>
<title>Using RDF for description and modeling in Web services</title>
<title>A modest proposal for extending N3</title>
<title>SWWS Workshop Travel Plans</title>
<title>N-Triples revision 1.5</title>
<title>Trust Metrics in the World</title>
<title>The Subject Portals development project (RDN, Biome, EEVL, SOSIG)</title>
<title>Technology and Society Domain doesn&apos;t mention Semantic Web</title>
<title>Powering Web Services Through Metadata</title>
<comment nick="dajobe">subtitle - How RDF could help web services standards</comment>
<title>Information Architects Releases SmartCode 4.0</title>
<title>Another example of why Chump is not designed for use in URI-heavy communities</title>
<title>A KIFish language defined as an RDF extension grammar</title>
<title>Rough cut at a document that updates the world on XML Schema meets RDF Schema</title>
<title>BlueBox: A Web that Understands</title>
<title>RDF Gateway</title>
<title>preliminary swws schedule day 1 using hybrid calendar.</title>
<title>Coordination points between RDF(S) and DAML+OIL</title>
<title>DAML beer ontology</title>
<title>Seminar on Knowledge Engineering</title>
<title>XML Project at OpenOffice.org</title>
<comment nick="libby">er rdfviz should have been the title, oops</comment>
<title>SiRPAC online parser and viewer</title>
<title>eXtreme Programming: The Semantic Web</title>
<title>SOAP V1.2 - Rules for Encoding Types in XML</title>
<title>Knowledge Markup and Semantic Annotation</title>
<title>International Semantic Web Working Symposium</title>
<title>Using RDF query to manage metadata vocabularies</title>
<title>Professional XML Meta Data</title>
<title>ef1.n3: test case/example for new log:n3ExprFor cwm built-in</title>
<title>ZDNet Semantic Web article</title>
<title>Basic Semantic Web Language</title>
<title>Wiki Wiki Web</title>
<title>Apache AXIS is an implementation of the SOAP (&quot;Simple Object Access Protocol&quot;) submission</title>
<title>RDF IRC Chat Logs statistics (snapshot)</title>
<title>W3C Meeting Feb, boston - Notes by Aaron Swartz</title>
<title>Squish/Algae demo; a work in progress showing EricP&apos;s Perllib Algae implementing SquishQL RDF query</title>
<title>An interview with Joshua Schachter, of Memepool fame, on the place of blog-type-things in the Web world.</title>
<title>an RDF regular expression constraint language similar to sbp&apos;s syntax</title>
<title>The GNOME &amp; CORBA: The CORBA::Object interface </title>
<title>dotGNU Notes</title>
<title>RDF / Semantic Web chat room</title>
<title>RDF Calendaring and Scheduling example data</title>
<title>The DotGNU Project</title>
<title>A Mobile Web Success Story (no thanks to proprietary gunk)</title>
<title>Ontologies for Time, ETAI discussion</title>
<title>Circles and arrows diagrams using stylesheet rules </title>
<title>Technical Architecture Group (TAG)</title>
<title>Ontomat, a DAML/RDF annotation tool from AIFB</title>
<title>RDF/XML Syntax Grammar Experiments</title>
<title>Internet Librarian conference, Nov 2001, Pasadena, CA.</title>
<title>Guide to Internet Calendaring, July 18 2001</title>
<title>aggregation strategies</title>
<title>Annotea Makes MSNBC.com</title>
<title>Note on Mozilla impl. of containers</title>
<title>Semantic Web Primer</title>
<title>RDFLint Tools</title>
<title>Wilbur RDF Toolkit</title>
<title>sameThing.n3 -- whee! cwm can merge nodes</title>
<title>Raptor RDF/XML and N-Triples parser (CVS)</title>
<title>Using XML Schema Datatypes in RDF and DAML+OIL</title>
<title>Coordination points between RDF(S) and DAML+OIL.</title>
<title>Guha on RDF Schema domain/range semantics</title>
<title>A Resolution Protocol for Common Name Namespaces,  draft-popp-cnrp-00.txt  (Feb 99 expired Aug 99)</title>
<title>(1st) International Semantic Web Working Symposium (SWWS)</title>
<title>O&apos;Reilly Open Source Conference</title>
<title>Fragment of perl I use for my RSS 1.0</title>
<title>Spirit Drum &amp; Bugle Corps RSS1.0 feed</title>
<title>Doing Database-style queries in CWM</title>
<title>openobex sourceforge: filelist</title>
<title>DAML used for talk announcements</title>
<title>An www-rdf-calendar discussion on the strengths/weaknesses of the proposed RSS 1.0 Event module</title>
<title>Redland RDF demo</title>
<title>HyperDAML - like hyper mail for RDF files </title>
<title>DAML tools (also of use to RDF)</title>
<title>Palm DAML </title>
<title>Generate RDF from your Palm Datebook file</title>
<title>Generate RDF from your Palm Datebook file - &apos;hybrid&apos; RDF schema</title>
<title>DeRPC: Mark Baker volunteers to redefine RPC systems in the application semantics of HTTP</title>
<title>A medical terminology browser</title>
<title>Bacus Naur definition of Semenglish</title>
<title>Top of SUMO ontology</title>
<title>cycles in rdfs:subClassOf, cyc gels, extensionality of classes</title>
<title>Metamodeling Architecture of Web Ontology Languages</title>
<title>Versatile Info Systems</title>
<title>Axis, Apache&apos;s Java implementation of SOAP.</title>
<title>HP launches &quot;CoolBase&quot; open source project</title>
<title>RDGML (RDF Graph Modeling Language)</title>
<title>Initial release of Herbivore software </title>
<title>RDF Calendaring Task Force</title>
<title>Netscape&apos;s What&apos;s Related Server</title>
<title>Intellidimension&apos;s Semantic Web Base</title>
<title>epinfo - extract technical information from digital camera generated files</title>
<title>New List structure for RDF</title>
<title>Guha&apos;s RDFdb package at SourceForge</title>
<title>Semantic Networks</title>
<title>Signs and Processes - Foundations for Ontology</title>
<title>International Conference on Formal Ontology in Information Systems</title>
<comment nick="JHendler">Pat Hayes giving a keynote titled &quot;The Emperor&apos;s Old Clothes: Why Philosophy is Irrelevant to Ontology&quot; </comment>
<title>n-ary functions, predicates</title>
<title>SOAP serialization in Axis (developer mailing list)</title>
<title>History of Js-Prolog</title>
<title>em&apos;s public calander for week 31</title>
<title>Dmoz RDF &apos;tags&apos;,  used in the current RDF files (2001-06-22)</title>
<title>RDFCore 2001-07-27 raw IRC log</title>
<title>XML Protocol bindings, extensions and blocks discussion</title>
<title>Flare Programming Language</title>
<title>RDF Schema Explorer</title>
<title>SWAD Links</title>
<title>SOAP RDF query client -- wordnet demo roughcut</title>
<title>Archived mailing list for Guha&apos;s RDFdb package </title>
<title>A web page that introduces semantic web page use </title>
<title>Some semantic web websites</title>
<title>The ICFP 2001 Programming Contest Challenge Task</title>
<title>Semantic Websites</title>
<title>RDF Parser Tests</title>
<title>pd2ical -- rules to relate palm datebook vocabulary to hybrid icalendar</title>
<title>iCalendar syntax software</title>
<title>RDF Applications with Prolog</title>
<comment nick="AaronSw">dc:title &quot;Foo&quot; .</comment>
<title>Principe de RDF et RDFS</title>
<title>RDF Query &apos;current status and future plans&apos;, Tuan Anh TA, 2001-03-12</title>
<title>The Rete &amp; Treat forward-chaining algorithms compared (with some description)</title>
<title>poolGame-kb.n3 -- a whole bunch of SWWS logistics info all cwm&apos;d together</title>
<title>Ontology Builder</title>
<title>Tim Finin presentation at SWWS</title>
<title>FaCT Reasoner</title>
<title>SWWS Full Program</title>
<title>Danbri&apos;s 1997 bristol msc projects writeup</title>
<title>DAML meets (hate to say it) Powerpoint</title>
<title>OpenCOLA Clerver (Mark I) Interface Specification and Reference</title>
<title>Hack the Planet</title>
<comment nick="danja">if  nothing more, a cool title ;-)</comment>
<title>The Right To Read</title>
<title>Knowledge-Domain Interoperability and an Open Hyperdocument System</title>
<title>An Evaluation of the World Wide Web with respect to Engelbart&apos;s Requirements</title>
<title>Thoughts on Context and referential transparency</title>
<title>&quot;Toss section 5&quot; (graph serialization thread) from XML-DIST-APP (XML Protocol list)</title>
<title>Dieter Fensel</title>
<title>Idle Geek Idea - IRC channel for talking in RDF</title>
<title>Danbri&apos;s (unsorted) photos from SWWS day 2, RDF Core day 1</title>
<title>danbri rant on rdf and kr</title>
<title>RDF Core WG convenes in Sebastepol, CA</title>
<title>TimBL&apos;s slides from WWW94</title>
<title>The W3C Semantic Web Activity</title>
<title>Ontology versioning paper</title>
<title>XML and the &quot;Semantic Web&quot; course</title>
<title>Semantic Web Doctoral Thesis!</title>
<title>O&apos;Reilly pays Rob Kaye to dye his head</title>
<title>RDF Core F2F Swag!</title>
<title>SWWS 2001 / RDF Core F2F Pictures</title>
<title>RDF Core WG chat logs (1st day) continued</title>
<title>Daniel Veillard on the Semantic Web</title>
<title>The &apos;tag&apos; URI scheme</title>
<title>How Roy would Implement URNs and URCs Today</title>
<title>URIs vs. URNs vs. URLs</title>
<title>RDF Parser Tests</title>
<title>RDF Core F2F Log</title>
<title>The OpenCyc Project</title>
<title>A &quot;kind of annotation&quot; ontology.</title>
<title>Pipsqueak, a partial SquishQL clientside implementation for RDFWeb/FOAF, using js-prolog</title>
<title>Notes from RDF Query BOF, SWWS, 2001-08-01</title>
<title>Using PySOAP, O&apos;Reilly article on SOAP in Python by Cameron Laird</title>
<title>The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) web site, mirrored at keio, sophia, mit</title>
<title>rfcIndexGrok.pl -- convert IETF RFC index to RDF</title>
<comment nick="DanC_">another conversion: <a href="http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc-titles.html">faqs.org</a></comment>
<title>Get text versions of any HTML page</title>
<title>Why RDF/XML is good</title>
<title>RDF Modeling for P3P, design drafts etc</title>
<title>Perl::Lite documentation, esp on serializing of types and names</title>
<title>URI Quality Assurance Bounty</title>
<title>SWIPT: An RDF Parser/Tool in Python</title>
<title>&apos;Betsie&apos; accessibility filter</title>
<title>TimBL advocates wireless solutions</title>
<title>Web Services for Python (SOAP.py etc) at SourceForge</title>
<title>Notes from discussion with DV_ about updating the RPMFind RDF format</title>
<title>XMLhack article: JXUL - Mozilla&apos;s XUL to be implemented in Java</title>
<title>Learning XML    (Guide to) Creating Self-Describing  Data  </title>
<title>Graham klyne&apos;s photos from sebastopol, stanford and IETF meeting in london</title>
<title>Photos from danbri&apos;s visit to the Boston Museum of Science &apos;Talking Signs&apos; installation</title>
<title>Ideas for Collaboration (in the comments)</title>
<title>Eikon Image Search</title>
<title>Scientific American: Feature Article: The Semantic Web: May 2001</title>
<title>Machine Learning by Thomas Mitchell</title>
<title>Flare is a proposal for the first &quot;annotative&quot; programming language.  </title>
<title>Intellidimension&apos;s Semantic Web Base (made for SWWS &apos;01)</title>
<title>Topic Map demo from SWWS</title>
<title>EGTP: Evil Geniuses Transport Protocol</title>
<title>SOAP in Javascript toolkit</title>
<title>CIM Logic</title>
<title>Ignore this</title>
<title>Java 1.4 beta changes</title>
<title>The SUO in DAML+OIL/XML</title>
<title>Sean B. Palmer&apos;s contact details</title>
<title>Integrating XP Into Web Architecture</title>
<title>URLBlaze, claim to be the first URL sharing network.</title>
<title>REST, RPC, mountains, molehills, and a retraction (sort of)</title>
<title>Aaron&apos;s Thoughts on Web Services</title>
<title>The O&apos;Reilly Peer-to-Peer and Web Services Conference</title>
<title>RELAX NG Tutorial</title>
<title>A Primer for HTTPR</title>
<title>Principles of Usable IRC Bot UIs</title>
<title>W3C RDF Validation Service</title>
<title>Apache&apos;s Handler Use</title>
<title>an RDF model of P3P</title>
<title>RDFWeb / Friend of a Friend &quot;co-depiction&quot; demo</title>
<title>W3C Web Ontology (WebOnt) Working Group</title>
<title>Yale DAML Project, with various RDF/logic proposals</title>
<title>RELAX NG Non-XML Syntax</title>
<title>WWW Addressing Schemes (aka URI schemes)</title>
<title>A.I. Conference opens in Seattle (AP, Yahoo News)</title>
<title>&quot;Goodbye, ILRT...&quot; (from danbri, ILRT semantic web hacker 1995-2001)</title>
<title>Reason, Truth and History, by H. Putnam</title>
<title>Machine Learning by T.Mitchell</title>
<title>JS-Prolog demo app, calendar/scheduling prototype (danc &amp; danbri)</title>
<title>Definite Descriptions in One Easy Lesson (from Philosophy 135, Berkeley)</title>
<title>state of the swBot</title>
<title>Metalog - a natural language rdf query system</title>
<title>Propositions of Conventions and Ontologies for the Resource Description Framework (RDF)</title>
<title>scribe-bot -- toward automated meeting scribe</title>
<title>Archiving HTTP Proxy</title>
<title>Quality Assurance Activity</title>
<title>Yet Another RDF List: www-rdf-validator</title>
<title>ZIG (Z39.50 geezers) meeting Boston Spa, UK</title>
<title>United States Congress Legislative Documents in XML</title>
<title>RDF container tests</title>
<title>Apostrophe and Acute Accent Confusion</title>
<title>scribe-bot, aka swBot: an RDF KB/rules engine with IRC, HTTP interfaces</title>
<comment nick="DanC_">you can use prefixes, ala: swBot, @prefix dc: &lt;http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/&gt; . &lt;http://www.w3.org/&gt; dc:title &quot;World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)&quot;.</comment>
<title>swBot and foaf:depiction</title>
<title>buzz off, chump.</title>
<title>CSS stylesheet for RDF schema</title>
<title>Blindfold Grammars (draft documentation)</title>
<title>RSS 1.0 feed of content from W3C XSL page</title>
<title>ukGOVtalk - interoperability</title>
<title>OASIS HumanMarkup TC </title>
<title>RESTwiki -- a WikiWikiWeb dedicated to all things related to the RestArchitecturalStyle</title>
<title>RestWiki (Representational State Transfer), Web Architecture discussions</title>
<title>Meaning Definition Language (MDL); maps XML syntactic structures into UML or RDF </title>
<title>On Order; is usually dispatched within 1-2 weeks.</title>
<title>SPARK, Scanning, Parsing, and Rewriting Kit </title>
<title>Yet Another Semantic Web Article</title>
<title>Make A Shorter Link</title>
<title>The Power of the URL-Line</title>
<title>Latitude/longitude/map web-fetcher</title>
<title>Otter, An automated deduction system (recommended by Sandro)</title>
<title>RDFWeb xmlns.com Wordnet for the Web, a quick writeup (Dan Brickley)</title>
<title>RDF Newbie tries to write a vocab</title>
<title>&quot;Machines to talk intelligently on Web&quot;, by Dan Gillmor, Siicon Valley.com news piece (2001-08-25)</title>
<comment nick="AaronSw">{[ a :MusicAlbum ; :title &quot;Dark Side of The Moon&quot; ; :author &quot;Pink Floyd&quot;} :says :Guha</comment>
<comment nick="AaronSw">I think MusicBrainz has that field covered.... &lt;...&gt; a mm:Album; dc:title &quot;Dark Side of the Moon&quot; ; dc:creator [ = &lt;...&gt; ; dc:title &quot;Pink Floyd&quot;] .</comment>
<title>XML Schema Requirements doc (1999)</title>
<title>RDFWeb: Representing Co-depiction in SVG (using Amaya)</title>
<title>&quot;duri&quot; and &quot;tdb&quot;: URN Namespaces based on dated URIs</title>
<title>Nikita&apos;s XML Topic Maps in RDF work</title>
<title>Dun &amp; Bradstreet</title>
<title>Even Jorn Barger recognizes the potential of the Semantic Web</title>
<title>Services and Semantics: Web Architecture (timbl)</title>
<title>n3spark.py -- a re-implementation of RDF/n3 syntax using the SPARK tools</title>
<title>An Axiomatic Semantics for RDF, RDF Schema, and DAML+OIL</title>
<title>An Axiomatic Semantics for RDF, RDF Schema, and DAML+OIL</title>
<title>MIT Professor Michael L. Dertouzos dies at 64</title>
<title>Linuxworld Age Policy</title>
<title>Multizilla; a multi-tabbed, memory saving, interface for Mozilla</title>
<title>Dublin Core Extended DumbDown Implementation</title>
<title>Amit&apos;s Web Proxy Project </title>
<title>Semantic Web Hints And Tips</title>
<title>The Power of the URL-Line by Jon Udell</title>
<title>Screenshot of a quick-hack Perl/Gnome GUI for doing SquishQL RDF queries over SOAP</title>
<title>Using RDF query to manage metadata vocabularies, by Libby Miller</title>
<title>RDF Model Theory Draft</title>
<title>The DARPA &quot;Rapid Knowledge Formation&quot; project</title>
<title>n3 definition of some logical terms</title>
<title>eXtreme Programming: The Semantic Web</title>
<title>Running a Weblog from IRC, Edd Dumbill</title>
<title>XML Accessibility Guidelines</title>
<title>A New Old Angle on XML, Edd Dumbill</title>
<title>Problems in the RDF and RDFS schemas</title>
<title>Measuring RDF Core Progress: Test Case Results</title>
<title>Semantic Web &quot;elevator pitch&quot;, thread from April 2001</title>
<title>Annotea Protocols documentation</title>
<title>RDF-driven expert system shell prototype</title>
<title>LISA - Intelligent Software Agents for Common Lisp</title>
<title>Python string literals</title>
<title>rfdn3.g -- a Yapps grammar for RDF Notation 3</title>
<title>RDF query use-cases</title>
<title>Putting the torch to seven straw-men of the meta-utopia</title>
<title>Joseph Reagle Explains Web Architecture</title>
<title>RDF-In-XHTML; A &quot;New&quot; Approach</title>
<title>www.w3.org from the Alexa Archive</title>
<title>RDFSViz visualisation of a DAML query language proposal</title>
<title>The CML2 Language: Constraint-based configuration for the Linux kernel and elsewhere, by Eric Raymond</title>
<title>A logical analysis of graphical consistency proofs </title>
<title>MusicBrainz: A Semantic Web Service</title>
<title>Any node in the semantic web can be displayed in a human friendly manner</title>
<title>Metamail RDF Vocab needs eyeballs, comments</title>
<title>SemEnglish Grammar -- more fun with Yapps</title>
<title>BNF for Semenglish</title>
<title>Python CGI For TAG URI</title>
<title>Diagram of semantic web server</title>
<title>Efficient Constraints on Possible Worlds for Reasoning about Necessity (1997) </title>
<title>Inkling RDFGraph </title>
<title>kifExpr.g -- a Yapps grammar for KIF Expressions</title>
<title>XMLhack now valid XHTML</title>
<title>Refactoring RDF/XML Syntax (RDF Core WD-to-be)</title>
<title>Working SOAP/Java RDF query client (using Apache&apos;s Axis SOAP implementation)</title>
<title>Alexa Reviews</title>
<title>How to Create Elegant HTML</title>
<title>EBNF to BNF, in Prolog.</title>
<title>First very rough draft of the theory of sem web wiki</title>
<title>Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 1.0 Specification (W3C Recommendation 04 September 2001)</title>
<title>RDFWeb student project: Whitehouse.* web-o-(dis)trust</title>
<title>Schemas and the Semantic Web, Tom Baker</title>
<title>5th European Conference on Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries</title>
<title>Internet Groupware for Scientific Collaboration</title>
<title>Modelling email in RDF</title>
<title>Mentography of KIF expressions</title>
<title>Refactoring RDF/XML Syntax</title>
<title>SURF: Simple and Useful RDF Format</title>
<title>WordNet for the Web (revisited)</title>
<title>Digital Libraries and the Semantic Web by Eric Miller</title>
<title>XML Key Management Specification (XKMS)</title>
<title>Webdot Graph Server</title>
<title>Looks like Doug Lenat is going to share Cyc with the SUO ontology</title>
<title>W3C XML Protocols WG work-in-progress: [Editors draft] SOAP 1.2 Part2: Adjuncts </title>
<title>&quot;duri&quot; and &quot;tdb&quot;: URN Namespaces based on dated URIs</title>
<title>Zope and Web Architecture</title>
<title>Using Zope with Amaya, Dreamweaver, and Other WYSIWYG Tools</title>
<title>RDF parser for VB guys with a COM interface</title>
<title>a formal design for RDF/N3 context/scopes</title>
<title>Common User Agent Problems</title>
<title>Redfoot 1.0</title>
<title>CodeCon 2002: Bring Your Own Code</title>
<title>Invalid techniques of proof</title>
<title>Danbri: Am I a Geek or not?</title>
<title>RDFWeb / FOAF co-depiction, now with Amaya SVG HOWTO</title>
<title>Mozilla &apos;Enabling Inference&apos;, SWI-Prolog based browser component </title>
<title>DanC&apos;s Perl NTriples parser </title>
<title>SW-MOO IRC chat logs</title>
<title>SUO and WordNet</title>
<title>SOAP Ntriple test cases (work in progress)</title>
<title>RDF Test Cases W3C Working Draft, 12 Sept 2001</title>
<title>Debian&apos;s Centre of Mass</title>
<title>Mozilla / Dublin Core sitemaps (screenshot)</title>
<title>PrologMOO discussion archives</title>
<title>Charteris&apos; &quot;Meaning Definition Language&quot;</title>
<title>Clouds over New York</title>
<title>Gerald&apos;s Photo metadata software / notes</title>
<title>a chat log of the espian model</title>
<title>Communities, Virtual Markets, and Virtual SIGs on the Web</title>
<title>Ignore this too!</title>
<title>History-Based Tools for Navigation</title>
<title>An amusing opening slide from my pal, Paul Ford.</title>
<title>Nature Web Publishing article</title>
<title>URN NID Assignment Status</title>
<title>RDF Rules and Query Mailing List</title>
<title>RDF Description Services, RDFIG discussion doc, 1999-11-23, Dan Brickley (danbri@w3.org)</title>
<title>XDAP white papers</title>
<title>The Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) data base</title>
<title>Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names</title>
<title>DAML Geofile</title>
<title>Request For A Formal URN Namespace: &quot;geo&quot; by the Great Sean B. Palmer</title>
<title>URI Schemes and URN Namespaces, draft-mealling-uri-ig-00.txt, M.Mealling (IETF ID / W3C URI IG)</title>
<title>freenet SQL interface</title>
<title>Bijan&apos;s series of Prolog and RDF articles on XML.com</title>
<title>DanBri&apos;s experiments with XSLT-based RSS feed for daml.org</title>
<title>Danbri&apos;s wishlist</title>
<title>Semantic Web Area for Play / Semantic Web Application Platform</title>
<title>Hypertext Style: Cool URIs don&apos;t change</title>
<title>DAML Ontology library</title>
<title>eXtreme Programming:  The Semantic Web</title>
<title>RDF Ontology Registry</title>
<title>6-Venn Triangles</title>
<title>Semantic Web Mining Workshop, Freiburg, Germany (Sep 3)</title>
<title>American Library Association - Top Tech Trends June 2001</title>
<title>S&#229;dan skrives metadata med RDF (in Danish)</title>
<title>LOCKSS: Lots of Copies Keeps Stuff Safe</title>
<title>What&apos;s Updoc</title>
<title>Guide to the Semantic Web</title>
<title>RDF in PHP 4</title>
<title>RDFS Classes and Properties</title>
<title>Aaron&apos;s SW in Depth</title>
<title>A WIKI for SW classes</title>
<title>scutterplan for rdfig rss channels</title>
<title>DanC&apos;s flight today</title>
<title>Danbri&apos;s home page</title>
<title>The MCF Data Model </title>
<title>Digital Cities Conference</title>
<title>1999 Kickoff msg for Netscape/mozilla RDF newsgroup </title>
<title>A short list of SW-related books</title>
<title>Dublin Core in RDF Draft</title>
<title>Encodign Dublin Core Metadata in HTML</title>
<title>Expressing Qualified Dublin Core in RDF, 2001-08-29</title>
<title>Building Parsers with Java(TM) (non-TM javaish implementations need not apply) by Steven Metsker</title>
<title>Web Architecture in 40 slides or less</title>
<title>New validator version released</title>
<title>Stephen Wolfram: A New Kind of Science</title>
<title>WWW7 Developers Day Presentation: RDF and Metadata in Mozilla</title>
<title>Using Web Metadata: The Resource Description Framework</title>
<title>The Semantic Web: An Introduction</title>
<title>RDF - Fear of Vegemite</title>
<title>Today&apos;s RDFIG IRC Logs (redirects to latest log)</title>
<title>Clark on RDF syntax</title>
<title>A.M. Kuchling&apos;s Crypto Modules for Python</title>
<title>xmlsec-python -- XML c14n in python</title>
<title>check.n3 -- Test whether a schema mentions the predicates used in this data</title>
<title>Python Style Guide</title>
<title>HTTP/1.1, in hypertext</title>
<title>Who is Xirzon?</title>
<title>A URN sub-namespace for langauge tags</title>
<title>freeamp web page</title>
<title>How We Identify Things (on the Semantic Web)</title>
<title>On-line proceedings of workshop on &quot;ontologies for agents&quot;</title>
<title>NIST Electronic Books Conference</title>
<title>URI Schemes and URN Namespaces</title>
<title>RDF Model Theory Working Draft *to be*</title>
<title>XML Schema for RDF/XML</title>
<title>URI terminology demystified</title>
<title>Bitzi Catalog available in RDF</title>
<title>WSDL Note</title>
<title>UML and XML Schema, part 2 of xml.com series by Dave Carlson</title>
<title>Pat&apos;s New Model Theory Figure 1</title>
<title>SHOE query visualisation tool</title>
<title>Link to latest IRC logs now available from top of this page</title>
<title>Ontology, Metadata, and Semantics</title>
<title>E URI Expressions</title>
<title>Mark Miller on XML</title>
<title>RDFdb sources: some bugfixes checked in</title>
<title>Latest logs script</title>
<title>Proof that XML and lisp forms are interchangeable</title>
<title>Slashdot RSS 1.0 (i.e. RDF/XML) articles news feed</title>
<title>geneology fun with RDF</title>
<title>XML (Extensible Metadata Platform) from Adobe</title>
<title>URIs, URLs, and URNs: Clarifications and Recommendations 1.0</title>
<title>Win32 port of GTK Python extensions</title>
<title>URN NID Request (URN-x/anon)</title>
<title>Rules for RDFS Entailment in N3</title>
<title>RDF Model Theory</title>
<title>XML to DAML converter</title>
<title>Mac OS X 10.1 supports scriptable Web Services</title>
<title>Hugo&apos;s SOAP 1.2 testable assertions (encodings section)</title>
<title>Euler proof mechanism</title>
<title>Office Politics Schematics</title>
<title>Info Architect&apos;s Smartcode product uses RDF</title>
<title>Siena (Scalable Internet Event Notification Architectures)</title>
<title>David McCusker on RDF</title>
<title>Coke Success Stories: Coke and the Olive Garded Succed in their &quot;campaign against water&quot;</title>
<title>RDFWeb &quot;FOAF-Corporate&quot; sample data</title>
<title>A Non-XML Syntax for RELAX NG</title>
<title>Flash-based site that shows Web-of-power corporate cosiness</title>
<title>HP Labs Tech Reports: 9 Position Paper for the W3C Web Services workshop</title>
<title>[xml-dev] Has XML run its course? - jonb</title>
<title>Java Metadata Interface Specification</title>
<title>BrainStorming Ideas for 498x</title>
<title>Lojban, the logical language</title>
<title>Comments on the W3C&apos;s New Proposed Patent Policy</title>
<title>CMSC498X Class Schedule (for IRC chats)</title>
<title>CMSC498 Class Wiki</title>
<title>dumpont, a DAML Web service</title>
<title>&quot;W3C ridiculous new policy on patents&quot; discussion in xml-dev</title>
<title>opksnet.n3 -- fun with swap/cwm for network/hardware diagrams</title>
<title>HP Labs Semantic Web activity</title>
<title>Another way to visualize RDF?</title>
<title>Aspect oriented programming FAQ</title>
<title>Transforming RDF with XSLT</title>
<title>XSLTC project at sourceforge</title>
<title>RelaxNGCC ( RelaxNG compiler compiler)</title>
<title>Adobe Streamlines Workflows for Publishers with New Metadata Technology</title>
<title>-from Macworld Best of Show press release</title>
<title>Mozilla.org IRC &quot;Mozbot&quot;</title>
<title>Another in the kids with RDF series</title>
<title>SOAP Routing Protocol, proposal</title>
<title>Wiki for use by CMSC498x </title>
<title>Web Services: It&apos;s So Crazy, It Just Might Not Work</title>
<title>Nightly snapshots of #rdfig chump</title>
<title>Squeak News, a monthly, for-profit magazine about Squeak, implemented in Squeak.</title>
<title>Squeak! a free Smalltalk ... with its own unique Place in the Universe.</title>
<title>LISA 1.1 released.</title>
<title>Blindfold 0.1.1 Released (for comparing RDF graphs)</title>
<title>Information Architects Announces Support for Web Services</title>
<title>MusicBrainz dumps available in RDF</title>
<title>RDF visual authoring tool written in Java for Mac OS X</title>
<title>Meta Object Facility from OMG</title>
<title>SWIPT Query Module (with s/?x/_:x/)</title>
<title>SWIPT Query Module</title>
<comment nick="sbp">e.g. Guha&apos;s exmaple of &quot;select ?x ?y from dmoz where (title ?x ?y), (createdBy ?x RichSkrenta), (type ?x Topic)&quot; appears to me to be synonymous with &quot;select _:x _:y from dmoz where &apos;_:x :title _:y .&apos;, &apos;_:x :createdBy :RichSkrenta .&apos;, &apos;_:x :type :Topic&apos;&quot;. Or are they universal variables?</comment>
<comment nick="sbp">Crap, they&apos;re universal... { ?x :title ?y . ?x :createdBy :RichSkrenta . ?x :type :Topic } log:implies { _:x :is ?x . _:y :is ?y } .</comment>
<title>RDF visual authoring tool written in Java for Mac OS X</title>
<title>Linear Logic papers</title>
<title>Computists International </title>
<title>Names: Distributed, Secure, Human-Readable: Choose Two</title>
<title>Newly modularized SWIPT snapshot</title>
<title>RDF Schemas - Chapter from Professional XML Meta Data by Wrox</title>
<title>Alternative Model Theory for RDF and RDF Schema plus Datatypes proposal,  Peter F. Patel-Schneider</title>
<title>Datatypes for RDF Schema, proposal from Peter F. Patel-Schneider</title>
<title>A Web Data Model Unifying XML and RDF</title>
<title>Talk by Shelley Powers, Consultant - Burning Bird Corporation</title>
<title>parseType=&quot;Literal&quot; example from the RDF 1.0 spec</title>
<title>Libby&apos;s XSLT for ChumpXML-2-RSS1</title>
<title>Uprizer Launches</title>
<title>Web of Trust RDF Vocabulary Schema</title>
<title>Ontology and the Web</title>
<title>XPathLog and LoPiX: a Logical Approach to XML and XML Data Integration.</title>
<title>Projects to get meaning (like RDF) from XML</title>
<title>RDFAuthor - graphical authoring tool for Mac OS X</title>
<title>ILRT Biz/ed RDF metadata testbed</title>
<title>The XUL book</title>
<title>New features in Mozilla 0.9.5</title>
<title>Translations of the RDF Model and Syntax 1.0 specification </title>
<title>A talk about the semantic Web (and accessibility)</title>
<title>The Semantic Web in context, presentation to German Digital Library Forum, April 2001 by Dan Brickley</title>
<title>The RDF project, imho.</title>
<title>Brief survey of the tragically fragmented Internet instant messaging world</title>
<title>FIPA RDF Content Language Specification</title>
<title>PhilG on the Semantic Web</title>
<title>W3C Semantic Web Advanced Development</title>
<title>A paper on the &quot;Paradoxes of material Implication&quot;</title>
<title>Things to Say When You&apos;re Losing a Technical Argument</title>
<title>Re: Do these folks know about RDF?</title>
<title>Movie Review Query Engine</title>
<title>HTML 2.0 materials</title>
<title>W3C Intellectual Property FAQ</title>
<title>W3C Open Source Releases</title>
<title>Joint Committee Minutes 9 October 2001 (DAML / EU-US cttee)</title>
<title>Hold on to your hat, Peabody. It&apos;s the Internet Archive Wayback Machine!</title>
<title>RDF/XML Syntax editors draft</title>
<title>SOAP Version 1.2 Test Collection</title>
<title>A (quite large) list of RFC citations, with associated XML bibliographic info</title>
<title>Threading Standard</title>
<title>Technology Review - A Smarter Web</title>
<title>Undergraduate students&apos; observations on RDF/N3/DAML</title>
<title>Inxight, the creeps that have patents on hyperbolic tree stuff!</title>
<title>The SXML short paper. Well worth a peek.</title>
<title>Script to generate metadata from W3C TRs</title>
<title>DanBri&apos;s SOAP data model notes</title>
<title>System and method for building a web site using specific interface (1998)</title>
<title>KIF spec</title>
<title>Aaron&apos;s experimental RDF API</title>
<title>An experiment in writing up RDF&apos;s striped syntax</title>
<title>A fairly profound insight by John Sowa</title>
<title>Semantic Web Development, summary of MIT DAML project, 2001</title>
<title>Eastgate Development Peekhole: Ceres</title>
<title>Putting RDF to Work, by Edd Dumbill (August 09, 2000)</title>
<title>Using the Jena API to Process RDF, by Joe Verzulli (May 23, 2001)</title>
<title>MCF in XML Tutorial</title>
<title>RDF-based Metadata Infrastructure for P2P Applications</title>
<title>The next wave: CETIS interviews Mikael Nilsson about the Edutella project</title>
<title>Querying Community Web Portals</title>
<title>Babysteps in Sesame RQL</title>
<title>RDF a friend of plonk</title>
<title>SOAP 1.2 needs you!</title>
<title>The SOAP 1.2 spec on &quot;Polymorphic Accessors&quot;</title>
<title>WebDAV in 2 Minutes</title>
<title>RDFStore does RDF query: another RDQL/Squish implementation :)</title>
<title>XML for Data :  Native XML databases: a bad idea for data?</title>
<title>Patent Wars: The W3C Strikes Back</title>
<title>RDF Hacking: Understanding the Striped RDF/XML Syntax (danbri, oct 2001)</title>
<title>Teknowledge Interested in creating a DAML to SUO translation</title>
<title>Test Schema For EARL 1.0</title>
<title>RDF trust schemas, code, etc.</title>
<title>Quantification as arrows between variables and context</title>
<title>Danbri&apos;s RDF quotes file</title>
<title>LIS Reference - Humor - anecdote from oss4lib-discuss (ascribed to Daniel Chudnov)</title>
<title>RDFAuthor, MacOS X RDF authoring tool by Damian Steer</title>
<title>Quantification can be specified by a labeled arrow drawn  from a variable to the context in which it is scoped.  </title>
<title>Starwars.com Provides RSS 0.9</title>
<title>RDF Icons!</title>
<title>Semantic Web Activity RSS Feed</title>
<title>metaMAP - a metadata guide, solutions-united</title>
<title>Networked Knowledge Representation and Exchange using UML and RDF, Stephen Cranefield</title>
<title>XML Entity: Semantic Web</title>
<title>Semantic Web - WHat&apos;s Real ... what&apos;s Hype -- Shelly Powers</title>
<title>Graph Visualization and Navigation in Information Visualization: a Survey</title>
<title>The mentography of reification</title>
<title>An IETF URN Sub-namespace for Registered Protocol Parameters</title>
<title>The application/rss+xml Media Type</title>
<title>Business Model for the Semantic Web</title>
<title>Dot graph layout code, in Java (by Joel Crisp)</title>
<title>MSN.com shuts out non-Microsoft browsers</title>
<title>Picture of the semantic cloud</title>
<title>HTTP Extensions for a Content-Addressable Web</title>
<title>Data Consortium Dictionary</title>
<title>IEEE Standard Upper Ontology (suo) ontology browser </title>
<title>Specifying Web Architecture with Larch</title>
<title>developerWorks article on HaXML</title>
<title>&quot;Haskell and XML: Generic Combinators or Type-based Translation?&quot;</title>
<comment nick="kendall">example: text `o` children `o` tag &quot;title&quot;</comment>
<comment nick="kendall">returns the plain-text children of the current element, if it is &lt;title&gt;</comment>
<title>SemEnglish Primer</title>
<title>DataGrid : Semantic Web Services</title>
<title>RDF cleans up the Helpdesk, April 2, 2001, </title>
<title>RDBMS as RDF store, thoughts?</title>
<title>Abduction, Induction, and Deduction</title>
<title>An exploration of XML in database management systems, by Dare Obasanjo</title>
<title>Photo Metadata, Zope, WebDAV</title>
<title>Comparison chart of AT+C commands of GSM devices</title>
<title>Prototype XML-Protocol (SOAP) client for RDFWebService</title>
<title>The ILEX project</title>
<title>WWW 2002 Conference</title>
<comment nick="em">If you are interested in participating in the Semantic Web Developers Day, please send <a href="http://www.w3.org/people/em">me</a>, title, author and detailed abstract of how your work fits in with the <a href="http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/">Semantic Web</a>.</comment>
<title>Web Ontology Working Group Page</title>
<title>W3C approves Web Ontology Working Group</title>
<title>The Register on the PPWG&apos;s Meeting</title>
<title>Interview with Sleepycat president</title>
<title>Geeks on the Half Shell: Cruising the Caribbean with ESR, RMS, maddog and not much of a Net</title>
<title>Quality Caching, faceless user agents, etc.</title>
<title>SOAP-encoding and RDF (again), danbri msg to xml-dist-app </title>
<title>The Invisible Library</title>
<title>RDF Schema Navigator</title>
<title>Expressing Simple Dublin Core in RDF/XML</title>
<title>Do you detect a theme? For the obtuse, it&apos;s &quot;semantic nets&quot;.</title>
<title>Using Semantic Nets to Model Troubleshooting&apos;s Knowledge, part 1</title>
<title>DAML Map</title>
<title>The O&apos;Reilly Peer-to-Peer and Web Services Conference</title>
<title>The &quot;semantic Web&quot; today with CSS, XSLT, HTML and RDF</title>
<title>W3C Voice Browser Activity</title>
<title>On WSDL and RDF, by Uche Ogbuji</title>
<title>Blootooth in Action</title>
<title>AaronSw Weblogs P2PCon (sorry for shameless plug)</title>
<title>to The semantic web: How RDF will change learning technology standards </title>
<title>RDF Semantic Extensions</title>
<title>RDFAuthor - now with visual queries</title>
<title>The &quot;tag:&quot; URI Scheme Homepage</title>
<title>Re: What is at the end of the namespace?</title>
<title>Photo metadata software/notes</title>
<title>w3C WebONT Working Group</title>
<title>Index Of CSS2 Properties In RDF</title>
<title>Data and Reality (excerpt), by William Kent (North Holland, 1978)</title>
<title>Experimental URI class for Python</title>
<title>Interesting Nodes-and-Arcs Diagram</title>
<title>Absolutely Final Call Draft of WebDAV ACLs Protocol</title>
<title>WebOnt WG members projected on a picture of planet earth</title>
<title>SBP SWAD</title>
<title>ignore this</title>
<title>DAML+OIL &quot;Tricks of the Trade&quot;</title>
<title>Announce: RDFAuthor with querying</title>
<title>One way to do triples using key\value pairs like in Berkeley DB</title>
<title>Datatyping example scenario diagram</title>
<title>Mozilla Calendar archives</title>
<title>The World Fact Book Knowledge Base (Release 0.81)</title>
<title>High Performance Knowledge Bases (HPKB)</title>
<title>Knowledge Base Connectivity Home Page</title>
<title>CIA world factbook</title>
<title>Berkely DB Reference Guide: Secondary indicies</title>
<title>Semantic Web Advanced Development: Approach and Plans</title>
<title>BAILANDO: Information Visualization</title>
<title>Adaptive Grammars</title>
<title>Chump to Annotea</title>
<title>RDF Test Cases - Second Working Draft</title>
<title>Webizing Python</title>
<title>ignore me</title>
<title>Ignore me</title>
<title>Annotated RDF WSDL Examples</title>
<title>EDUTELLA: A P2P Networking Infrastructure Based on RDF</title>
<title>Orlando: A Logical Mnemonic Model for Calendaring and Scheduling</title>
<title>A description of XP&apos;s iteration planning step.</title>
<title>WOW-G Home page </title>
<title>CMSC498x student question - re: collections</title>
<title>Webizing Python</title>
<title>RDF Declarative Description (RDD): A Language for Metadata, Chutiporn Anutariya et al.</title>
<title>Maryland Students - Project Wiki</title>
<title>Create RSS channels from HTML news sites, by Chris Ball (November 15, 2001)</title>
<title>Kent Pitman on equality predicates in common lisp.</title>
<title>Metamodeling Architecture of Web Ontology Languages, by Jeff Z. Pan, Ian Horrocks</title>
<title>Propositions, arguments and truth</title>
<title>a proposal to drop Issue rdfms-assertion</title>
<title>SourceForge Drifting</title>
<title>RDF Query, distributed..., by Dan Brickley, Nov 17 2001</title>
<title>Do we forward chain or backward chain ?</title>
<title>{ :Joe a [ ont:complimentOf :ChocolateLover]}</title>
<title>RDF::Notation3 Modules on CPAN</title>
<title>SemWeb weather reports</title>
<title>Hot DAML newsletter</title>
<title>Package for RDF and Maps</title>
<title>RunningRDF - an RDF web scraper</title>
<title>Sergey&apos;s writeup of RDF Core datatyping options</title>
<title>Dictionaries in the library</title>
<title>Somewhat better (although PDF) paper on Topic Maps and RDF</title>
<title>TimBL&apos;s original NeXT WorldWideWeb browser, source code</title>
<title>Another RDF/Topic Map comparison...</title>
<title>Topic Maps vs. RDF</title>
<title>Data Encoding or Data &apos;n Coding?, by Martin Gudgin, Timothy Ewald (xml.com, November 21, 2001   </title>
<title>Screenshot of RDFAuthor-Swing, showing classic triangular FOAF description (school+homepage / schoolHomepage)</title>
<title>W3C Mailing List Administrativia</title>
<title>SethR thinks {SethBot believes {{[* 2, 3, [- 5, 4] = 6} isa (exampleOf Nesting).} isa (examples of reification)}</title>
<title>The Aditi Deductive Database</title>
<title>a formal design for RDF/N3 context/scopes</title>
<title>The Ozoko-Swartz Resource Model</title>
<title>Re: Namespaces wihtout &quot;#&quot; Was: Few CWM Bugs</title>
<title>is this the start of contexts in SUO or not ?</title>
<title>What does (forall ?X ( holds ?x ?y ?z)) mean ?</title>
<title>MedCertain: Quality Management, Certification and Rating of Health Information on the Net</title>
<title>Hendler doodles with RDF/Webont for Schema mapping</title>
<title>The Boostrap Institute</title>
<title>Re: Namespaces wihtout &quot;#&quot; Was: Few CWM Bugs</title>
<title>Semantic Web Bar, Intellidimension</title>
<title>swap/cwm turns string subjects in to bogus RDF/xML (n3bug)</title>
<title>SWI-Prolog docs for forall/2.</title>
<title>SWI-Prolog simple RDF Database</title>
<title>MULTI/PLEX: A Tool for Formal Languages</title>
<title>Rules of Semantic Web Club</title>
<title>Advogato&apos;s trust metric</title>
<title>Signs, Processes, and Language Games</title>
<title>A Proof-Carrying Authorization System</title>
<title>Toward Distributed Use of Large-Scale Ontologies.</title>
<title>An Introduction to Prolog and RDF</title>
<title>Webizing an ontology browser</title>
<title>An explanation of &quot;The occurs check&quot;</title>
<title>DMoz &apos;RDF&apos; data cleaner script</title>
<title>Hash vs. Slash: What Is Identified?</title>
<title>AMK: Python Cryptography Modules</title>
<title>avoid netsplits; try niven</title>
<title>A Proof-Carrying Authorization System</title>
<title>Corridors: A Services Suite to Replace Internet Relay Chat</title>
<title>TimBl talk on Semantics in the Web, WWW94, a few slides</title>
<title>Alexander &quot;Sasha&quot; Chislenko&apos;s Semantic Web vision paper</title>
<title>web ontology business case</title>
<title>Chapter 5, section 1 of &quot;Expert Systems In Prolog&quot;</title>
<title>The ASF+SDF meta_Environment Bundled distribution</title>
<title>GULP 3.1: An Extention of Prolog for Unification-Based Grammar</title>
<title>Meaning - Grounding the meaning of a document in URI space</title>
<title>Utilities for parsing and serialising RDF/XML in the Mozilla APIs </title>
<title>Being Clear [was: Re: Namespaces Without &quot;#&quot;]</title>
<title>Identification, location and versioning of web-resources</title>
<title>CWM: Mathematical Built-Ins</title>
<title>Sample HTML/.js (view src) from Mozillation project (RDF rules via SWI prolog in Mozilla)</title>
<title>Seminar on Endangered Languages, CTLL report 1995</title>
<title>an accidental chumping</title>
<title>interesting questions about rdf, daml, linking and xlink</title>
<title>DAML and UML - Lockheed Martin Project</title>
<title>GRCI DAML work (including UML)</title>
<title>A Discussion of the Relationship Between RDF-Schema and UML</title>
<title>Experiments with TheyRule.net in RDF</title>
<title>WIP: p3p RDF Schema</title>
<title>Merging: Resource vs. Thing</title>
<title>Terminology Definition Description Language (TDDL) 1.0</title>
<title>Information about CWM - TimBL&apos;s Closed World Machine</title>
<title>CoParsing of RDF &amp; XML by Jeremy Carroll, HP Labs Bristol</title>
<title>Unparsing RDF/XML by Jeremy Carroll, HP Labs Bristol</title>
<title>RDF/XML Syntax work-in-progress</title>
<title>interpreting P3P as an RDF vocabulary</title>
<title>RDF: Understanding the Striped RDF/XML Syntax</title>
<title>Assorted SW Terms</title>
<title>String Output in CWM</title>
<title>Semantic Interpretation for Speech Recognition</title>
<title>WebOnt Web Services Requirements Group</title>
<title>I Do Not Agree</title>
<title>An RDF Schema to XHTML Convertor, In Notation3</title>
<comment nick="DanC">does it scrape dc:title, dc:description, that sort of thing, for pretty documentation at the top?</comment>
<comment nick="sbp">Yes: dc:title, dc:description, rdfs:seeAlso, and rdfs:comment</comment>
<title>XML Europe 2002 -- call for participation</title>
<title>Re: resource ambiguities</title>
<title>kjbuckets, as recommended by bijan</title>
<title>danbri&apos;s Ruby-RDF experiments</title>
<title>NeuroGrid Metadata</title>
<title>SWN: Terms for the Semantic Web</title>
<title>More interesting Python projects including a KQMLMIF processer (say *that* fifty times, fast) and a Python&lt;--&gt;SWI Prolog thingy.</title>
<title>Stuff on Python continuations</title>
<title>The State Pattern in Java</title>
<title>Ruby-RDF [re-chump]</title>
<title>/robots.txt, favico, /w3c/p3p.xml considered harmful?</title>
<title>FOAFCorp: Corporate Friends of Friends </title>
<title>RDF/XML Syntax schemas</title>
<title>B-Prolog bugs that DMiles just cant seem to live with</title>
<title>Cool XPointers Do Change?</title>
<title>The Problem with Fragments</title>
<title>ConceptDraw-Visio converter v2.0</title>
<title>WorldWideWeb: Summary</title>
<title>News Release: World Wide Web Consortium Forms Technical Architecture Group</title>
<title>Technical Architecture Group</title>
<title>oops.. rechump.</title>
<title>RDF Model Theory (draft) 2001-12-12, Pat Hayes</title>
<title>Peter Suber</title>
<title>World Wide Web History Extravaganza!</title>
<title>A Homepage Of Sean B. Palmer</title>
<title>Practical RDF puzzles: photos, unicorns, web ontologies...</title>
<title>EARL RDF Query in JavaScript</title>
<title>re-thinking cwm&apos;s string output stuff</title>
<title>EARL 1.0: trying it with hypertext instead of reification</title>
<title>The Current Phase Of The Moon</title>
<title>Name that langauge</title>
<title>Final projects page for CMSC498x</title>
<title>Semantic Web Course at the University of Georgia</title>
<title>Adobe&apos;s eXtensible Metadata Platform (XMP)</title>
<title>Quine - On what there is - an online web quiz</title>
<title>Unicorns Not Considered Harmful</title>
<comment nick="danbri">Nope, I&apos;m happy with other things existing, eg. dc:title, or other abstractions. Unicorns are the kind of thing that if there were any of them, they&apos;d be running around as physical things. </comment>
<title>Willard Van Orman Quine 1908 - 2000</title>
<title>Cricket commentary updated live online</title>
<title>GPS, palmpix photo metadata / codepiction ideas</title>
<title>RDFdb in sourceforge CVS (with some changes that haven&apos;t been shipped in distribution yet)</title>
<title>XML 2001: open and balanced (XMLHack)</title>
<title>Liber - RDF/XML resource cataloging application in Ruby</title>
<title>Data Homepages: Summarizing Info. on the Semantic Web</title>
<title>LogicMOO&apos;s New website</title>
<title>rdfpf.pl -- thoughts on proof-checking cwm logic, in prolog</title>
<title>DAML+OIL Web Ontology Language submission</title>
<title>Five challenges for XML, James Clark (keynote at XML 2001, Orlando)</title>
<title>Phil-Logic Archive</title>
<title>Use case fodder: &apos;bettUse case fodder: &apos;better photo metadata&apos; design issues (to webont list)</title>
<title>Chump archives in XML (for reference and hacking)</title>
<title>RDF/XML Syntax Specification (Revised)</title>
<title>SW Hints and Tips</title>
<title>Coordinates: Processing Distances in RDF with CWM</title>
<title>Nice little logo toy for collecting information</title>
<title>Dan&apos;s trip to NJ for WebOnt: RDF/n3 itineraries and constraint checking</title>
<title>A &quot;geo&quot; URN Namespace, proposal from Sean</title>
<title>Expressing Qualified Dublin Core in RDF / XML (2001-11-30)</title>
<title>Relax NG schema for RDF/XML (informative) as part of syntax work</title>
<title>Primer Notepad</title>
<title>DanC&apos;s New Book</title>
<title>the corrupt-o-mat</title>
<title>The UNAME Predicate</title>
<title>Survey of RDF data on the Web</title>
<title>KUMO: Web Programming Weblog</title>
<title>DUKE SPEAKS - Free Speech Sythesis in Java</title>
<title>The UNAME Predicate</title>
<title>Otter, a nifty FOL theorem prover</title>
<title>Bitzi RDF Dump Updated</title>
<comment nick="AaronSw-UK">&quot;I&apos;m considering adding a bit of structure to allow us to convey more information about certain properties, e.g., a creator has a title, relation, related resources, and potentially other properties rather than being a simple string literal.  This also allows logically multivalued properties to be repeated unambiguously.&quot;</comment>
<title>RDF/ical conversion</title>
<title>Christmas Cards, Address Books, and Maps</title>
<title>U.S. Gazetteer</title>
<title>The Semantic Translation ontology</title>
<title>article re: software patent issue</title>
<title>Agenda for WOW-G F2f</title>
<title>RDF Media</title>
<title>XML Europe call for papers closes v. v. soon </title>
<title>Help with handling the patent stuff</title>
<title>RDF History &amp; Prior Art For RDF</title>
<title>Brian Carpenter: Spearheading Internet standards and technology leadership</title>
<title>Unified Data Technologies Ltd.</title>
<title>Patent threat over RDF?</title>
<title>RDF Patent Threat from UDTL</title>
<title>Halfbaked RDF2NTriple via XSLT-RDF in Ruby-RDF, (ab)using Jason Diamond&apos;s XSLT RDF parser </title>
<title>Nodes and Arcs 1989-1999</title>
<title>United States Printing Office</title>
<title>Batik - an SVG toolkit in Java</title>
<title>Another attempt at a glossary</title>
<title>Jason Diamond&apos;s XSLT RDF parser, preview snapshot of new version (NTriple output :)</title>
<title>Categories, by Aristotle (written 350 BCE, it says)</title>
<title>XML Europe 2002 - abstract deadline looms</title>
<title>SOAP, RDF and Semantic Web screenscraping...</title>
<title>The Syntactic Web, Jonathan Robie</title>
<title>US Patent: 5,684,985</title>
<title>A Crash Course in the Mathematics Of Infinite Sets</title>
<title>Userland received a Patent Letter</title>
<title>thoughts on academic paper (e.g. WWW2002) review</title>
<title>From Aristotle to the &apos;semantic web&apos;, Alan Gilchrist</title>
<title>W3C in spat over Web patent, ZDNet</title>
<title>Dale Dougherty: O&apos;Reilly Got a Patent Letter</title>
<title>Slashdotted! Canadian Company Claims RDF Patent</title>
<title>Jeff Barr&apos;s PatentWiki</title>
<title>Edd Dumbill: Anti-Awards 2001</title>
<comment nick="AaronSw-UK">Edd&apos;s advice for the HumanML team: &quot;Perhaps they should start by enforcing global usage of the &lt;title&gt; tag in HTML documents, a hard enough task.&quot;</comment>
<title>Patent Garbage, Dan Gillmor</title>
<title>From the tragicomic to the merely comic (WRT RDF &amp; Patents)</title>
<title>Sp&#228;te Abrechnung: Softwarepatent &#252;ber RDF</title>
<title>An RDFWeb/FOAF doc with embedded RSS 1.0 channel descriptions</title>
<title>Apple iPhoto</title>
<title>The beginings of an RDF-MOO</title>
<title>Jakob Nielsen&apos;s Alertbox - Site Map Usability</title>
<title>&quot;Semantic Web&quot;</title>
<title>tulip - A system dedicated to the visualization of huge graphs</title>
<title>Michael Arick&apos;s Homepage</title>
<title>From Aristotle to the &apos;semantic web&apos;, Alan Gilchrist, Library Association Record</title>
<title>The SMIL 2.0 Metainformation Module</title>
<title>TRM-gen tool for music fingerprinting (somehow connected to MusicBrainz)</title>
<title>Net-ICal 0.15 (perl module)</title>
<title>DocBook Publishing Model</title>
<title>Foundational Web Model(s)</title>
<title>XML Schema for Dublin Core in RDF/XML, Henry S. Thompson</title>
<title>Stuff IANA keeps track of</title>
<title>IANA&apos;s new location for the uri schemes list</title>
<title>OASIS Topic Maps Published Subjects TC</title>
<title>WebOnt NJ Trip: Semantic Web Travel Schedule Tools</title>
<title>quacken -- moving quicken records into the Semantic Web</title>
<title>A discussion of the design and implementation of an RDF API, by Jan Grant</title>
<title>RDF At A Glance</title>
<title>exploring COM with python</title>
<title>DNS Safe Haven</title>
<title>e-Services and the Semantic Web workshop</title>
<title>Russel&apos;s paradox in DAML+OIL in N3</title>
<title>Peter F. Patel-Schneider&apos;s &quot;Horror stories&quot;</title>
<title>Jan 2002 Meeting of the Web Ontology Working Group</title>
<title>Extending the Web: XHTML Modularization</title>
<title>RSS 1.0 Ontology @ DAML.org is broken</title>
<title>Some recent Internet Drafts relating to RDF/KR/SW/etc.</title>
<title>10th Int&apos;l Python Conference</title>
<title>DAML Expense Reconciliation</title>
<title>Information about how to register a URN Namespace - RFC 2611</title>
<title>RFC citations as n3</title>
<title>U.S. Patent Offices Issues Semantic Web Patent to Voquette</title>
<title>Quicken Interchange Format according to Intuit found by Google</title>
<title>fun with chatzilla and irc: URIs</title>
<title>use/mention and reification</title>
<title>500 point bounty: cwm_regex.py</title>
<title>Recommendations for an RDF intro online article for librarians</title>
<title>How the Wayback Machine Works</title>
<title>Mailing labels, address books, and maps (again)</title>
<title>RDFAuthor Tutorial</title>
<title>RDFCore thread on reification, my possibly ill-advised to point into textbook stuff</title>
<title>Large HTML file showing IEEE SUO  Ontology</title>
<title>Open Content Syndication</title>
<title>Reptile - from openprivacy.org</title>
<title>U.S. Gazetteer rules: place names/zips to lat/long</title>
<title>Wikipedia/Our Replies to Our Critics</title>
<title>City of Columbus Sludge Pond</title>
<title>Constructive Mathematics</title>
<title>Unparsing RDF/XML, Jeremy J Carroll, HP Labs</title>
<title>TAG: Managing the Complex Web (XML.com, XML-Deviant)</title>
<title>Discussion mailing list about REST</title>
<title>Intuitionistic Logic</title>
<title>An RDF Schema for P3P, W3C Note by McBride, Wenning and Cranor</title>
<title>rdf:RDF and nested contexts, Jonathan Borden</title>
<title>Latest BAZ cartoon on Monkeyfist.com</title>
<title>Final Exam</title>
<title>Summary of PSYCOLOQUY topic Frame Problem</title>
<title>Coversion of WebOnt requirement materials from ppt to some other odd MS format</title>
<title>ILRT RDF tshirts</title>
<title>RDF Datatyping docs (drafts, proposals)</title>
<title>W3C Web Services Activity</title>
<title>Pointer to paper about validation algorithms for Relax/Trex/Relax-NG style schema langauges.</title>
<title>A Pointer to the maxInclusive facet of W3C XML Schema datatypes.</title>
<title>Namespaces on attribute values thread (on www-forms-editor)</title>
<title>TAG accepts issue - Algorithm for creating a URI from a QName in RDF Model?</title>
<title>P3P Proposed Recommendation, 28 Jan 2002</title>
<title>An evaluation of DAML+OIL w.r.t. WebOnt candidate requirements</title>
<title>Logical Inference from Schematron Schemas</title>
<title>XMLHack has acquired an &quot;Editors&apos; Newswire&quot; feature</title>
<title>National Library of Medicine: pubmed</title>
<title>UIUC Digital Library Testbed Metadata</title>
<title>The W3C HTTP Extensions page</title>
<title>RDDL HTTP Extension Framework</title>
<title>EARL Client and Database</title>
<title>ignore this</title>
<title>XML-Deviant by Leigh Dodds - Namespaces, RDDL, resources</title>
<title>Uche Ogbuji Introduces DAML on XML.com</title>
<title>Introduction to DAML: Part I</title>
<title>UPDATE: document on layering OWL on top of RDF</title>
<title>WebWatch: UK University Search Engines</title>
<title>A very brief description of XML types</title>
<title>A guess on RDF R.........n model theory from Jos</title>
<title>TimBL&apos;s Webizing Python slides</title>
<title>Slashdot headlines in RSS 0.9</title>
<title>The Plex</title>
<title>WAX - Wide Area XML System - Python/RDF project for bioinformatics</title>
<title>Pytting Semantics in the Semantic Web</title>
<title>XML-SW, a thought experiment</title>
<title>IMAP tool for composing Concept maps</title>
<title>The RDF WG decision about reification pictured in a mentograph</title>
<title>RDFWeb - FOAFShop sample instance data</title>
<title>Pimlico software, Datebook4 for PalmOS</title>
<title>Narval, the Intelligent Personnal Assistant</title>
<title>A Python codec for EUC-KR</title>
<title>Message Header Extensions for Non-ASCII Text</title>
<title>Eep RDF API - Query Engine, Inference Engine, and tests</title>
<title>The State of The Python Union - New Language Features?</title>
<title>The Use\Mention problem and RDF reification</title>
<title>1. Introduction to slapd and slurpd</title>
<title>Second Generation Web Services</title>
<title>RDFWeb.org sitemap (raw materials)</title>
<title>Schemas and ontologies </title>
<title>The Chord Project</title>
<title>MusicBrainz: A Semantic Web Service</title>
<title>RDF Interest Group meeting at W3C Tech Plenary meeting, 2002-02-28</title>
<title>Memorabilia from the 10th International Python Conference</title>
<title>Jena now at SourceForge</title>
<title>Versa, 4Thought&apos;s RIL Query Language</title>
<title>Towards Semantic Web Document Engineering, by </title>
<title>The Semantic Web: Home Video</title>
<title>BT in court to enforce hyperlink patent</title>
<title>representing email in RDF (redux)</title>
<title>Paul Prescod&apos;s article on REST and Web Services</title>
<title>XML, Java, and the future of the Web, by Jon Bosak, Sun Microsystems, last revised 1997.03.10 </title>
<title>daml-time mailing list</title>
<title>ontologies as resources (webont wg thread), longish post on layering (Dan Brickley 2002-02-14)</title>
<title>RDF Model Theory WD, 14 February 2002</title>
<title>EARL Client and Database</title>
<title>Scientific American &apos;special report&apos;, Searching the Internet by Clifford Lynch </title>
<title>Harvest-NG, a Perl rewrite of the Harvest web indexing package</title>
<title>URI for an SHA-1 Property</title>
<title>XML-Signature Syntax and Processing, W3C Recommendation 12 February 2002</title>
<title>Media-type independent fragment-id syntax</title>
<title>quick slip of the keyboard...</title>
<title>Web Services with RDF - it can be done</title>
<title>how far is conneg supposed to stretch?</title>
<title>A view from Danbri re layering </title>
<title>The Question of Semantics</title>
<title>A stating of a triple is a class of things.</title>
<title>The Trouble with Triples</title>
<title>Layering the Semantic Web: Problems and Directions</title>
<title>Linearizing SVG using RDF and XSLT</title>
<title>Ontology not Found</title>
<title>A Graph Visualisation/Transformation Framework for the Semantic Web</title>
<title>new chump features</title>
<title>Notation3: The Great QName Survey</title>
<title>geo-ident: A group for discussing identification of geographical locations; e.g. through URNs </title>
<title>A DAML query proposal</title>
<title>Semantic Web at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center</title>
<title>EARL user scenarios</title>
<title>Simplified RDF datatyping proposal, Pat Hayes</title>
<title>Negotiation Instead of Legislation by John Sowa</title>
<title>United nations stats on cities: name, population, lat/long</title>
<title>Borden and St.Laurent: A generic fragment identifier syntax for URI references</title>
<title>State of the Validation 2002</title>
<title>REST and the Real World</title>
<title>Petri Net site</title>
<title>Grounding RDF in programs</title>
<title>The Next Web</title>
<title>JanG on use/mention and reification</title>
<title>CWMClone in SWI-Prolog</title>
<title>More on RDF datatypes, tonight&apos;s reading...</title>
<title>&quot;Running RDF&quot; - a screen scraper for building RDF from semi-structured web pages</title>
<title>XML-ified US Govt data archives</title>
<title>W3C Phone BOFs</title>
<title>Interesting stuff about SWI-Prolog&apos;s various database mechanisms</title>
<title>Sem Web article from Business Week</title>
<title>Import This: The Tenth Internation Python Conference</title>
<title>Jan and Dan offchannel chat on reification</title>
<title>a quick-n-dirty SQL RDF python query service</title>
<title>time format parsing for CWM</title>
<title>cwm built-in for XPath</title>
<title>the Onion</title>
<title>Summary of some provenance issues in RDF</title>
<title>Berkeley Logo User Manual</title>
<title>how does existing RDF software handle this datatypes test? a thread on RDFIG started by Danc</title>
<title>Eric Prud&apos;hommeaux&apos;s summary of query languages</title>
<title>Home page for CORAS, a predecessor to the iTrust project</title>
<title>Sherch - Sherlock for the rest of us</title>
<title>DAML HTML Gateway Tools </title>
<title>The classic RDF API writeup, from Guha&apos;s Netscape/Mozilla work</title>
<title>WebOnt WG F2F, Jan 14-15 2002, video footage from Dieter Fensel</title>
<title>DanC&apos;s translation of Notation3.html into machine-readable form</title>
<title>Goals for a tool that simultaneously authors Web pages and metadata</title>
<title>Danbri&apos;s writeup of codepiction paths</title>
<title>Damian&apos;s explanation of the &apos;paths&apos; codepiction demonstration</title>
<title>Paths through the RDFWeb Codepiction database</title>
<title>DAML DB</title>
<title>geographic locations</title>
<title>DAML+OIL Demos</title>
<title>Euler proof mechanism</title>
<title>Jim Ley&apos;s earl client (but not really RDF-aware yet)</title>
<title>Example input for [mutat|http://www.barbwired.com/cgi-bin/mutat]</title>
<title>CSS Test Suite Tests</title>
<title>Site Valet</title>
<title>EARL - the Evaluation And Report Language</title>
<title>Circles and arrows diagrams using stylesheet rules</title>
<title>intro to the bot (taken from logs)</title>
<title>Redland RSS 1.0 Viewer</title>
<title>the organic chumping bot...</title>
<title>W3C At A Glance Prototype</title>
<title>RDF IG Scratchpad, aka &apos;The Chump&apos;</title>
<title>Ruby-RDF, experiments with RDF programming in Ruby, by me.</title>
<title>The Interpretation of XML documents</title>
<title>DAML mode for emacs</title>
<title>Inkling Squish2SQL java tool</title>
<title>Musicbrainz file tagger (Win32)</title>
<title>Mayhem &amp; Chaos Collection, Rob Kaye (from MusicBrainz)&apos;s software side projects</title>
<title>PRISM 1.1 (last call draft, 19 Feb 2002)</title>
<title>Metapixel - A Photomosaic Generator</title>
<title>SVG-in-RDF experiment</title>
<title>Skeptical enquirer</title>
<title>Social networks</title>
<title>making SVG annotations to SVG images</title>
<title>Adobe photoshop 7 - new features</title>
<title>Nocturne on an RDF Schema for topic maps at KT 2002</title>
<title>RDFWeb FOAFWho SVG preliminary experiments</title>
<title>Getting Llyn To Return Lists From Builtins</title>
<title>Topic Map APIs</title>
<title>HTML Imagemaps as image metadata format?</title>
<title>RDFWeb/FOAF Co-Depiction SVG metadata creator</title>
<title>Modelling HTTP transactions in RDF</title>
<title>RDFWeb WikiWiki HomePage</title>
<title>Not very accessible? What about non-screen access (voice browsers etc...). See WAI for details.</title>
<title>Small beer on the Semantic Web?</title>
<title>New Haystack/Ozone Screenshot: &quot;Britney Spears&quot;</title>
<title>CNet (oops, via clickthru) &quot;Flash: More than just eye candy&quot;</title>
<title>Semantic Web South-West</title>
<title>Mozilla RDF: Enabling Inference</title>
<title>RSS 2 SVG demo</title>
<title>RDF Schema namespace</title>
<title>Triple - a general RDF query, inference, and transformation langauge</title>
<title>REST in RDF</title>
<title>JibbberJim&apos;s SVG-based RDF editor prototype</title>
<title>danbri&apos;s thing of the fact that imagemaps are like outlines laid over images by SVG</title>
<title>danbri asks: &quot;Would it make sense to have a common set of tests that could be run against Eep, Cwm and similar tools...?&quot;</title>
<title>SmartBrowsing in Mozilla</title>
<comment nick="danbri">Was getting pretty out of date, so I retitled it &apos;RDF Web Services in Mozilla&apos; and added links to Annozilla, Annotea and Libby&apos;s survey document.</comment>
<title>SOAP needs help serializing RDF graphs</title>
<title>The RDFAuthor package tutorial</title>
<title>Exporting and querying RDF descriptions of Ruby code, as hacked by Dave Thomas and DanBri just now</title>
<title>Aaron joins Creative Commons as RDF Advisor</title>
<title>Ruby RDoc documentation browser (javadoc-like) now exports in XML (cvs version only); ruby-talk msg re DTD, XML Schema etc.</title>
<title>Generic Resources</title>
<title>a schema for exposing a databse on teh web as served by dbview</title>
<title>A name for N-Triples without restrictions on the type of terms in each position</title>
<title>Warren&apos;s Abstract Machine: A Tutorial Reconstruction</title>
<title>Discussion of how to flatten n3, reifying a {formula} into an RDF Statement or log:Conjunction of RDF Statements.</title>
<title>NTriples original version (now superceded)</title>
<title>dbview -- view an SQL DB thru RDF glasses.</title>
<title>XSB prolog to ODBC/SQL bridge</title>
<title>TimBL going on about RDF and databases, as ever... ;-)</title>
<title>TimBL going on about RDF and databases, as ever... ;-)</title>
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