Re: earl ideas

> *Rough* ideas for how EARL might look w/out reification.

This is clever stuff, DanBri. I think that you've basically changed the
model from:-

[ :subject :x; :predicate :y; :object :z ]


[ :subject :x; :rest [ predicate :y; :object :z ] ]

which is neat because when you have multiple reified statements with the
same subject, you get less serialization sugar on the output. Also, since
you've changed the name of the properties so that they're not "rdf:subject"
etc. any more, it looks like no reification is going on at all, which can
only be a good thing :-)

In summary, I like it. Perhaps you'd like to send a pointer to the rest of
the group?

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Received on Monday, 24 June 2002 10:20:57 UTC