CWM Bug: Should Only See First and Rest in List Mode

This bug comes up quite often for me.

Example test input:-

   this log:forAll :x, :y, :z .
   [ :blargh ("y" "z") ] .
   { :x :blargh :y } log:implies { :y :blarghOf :z } .

The error raised:-

            Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/2000/10/swap/", line 615, in ?
  File "/home/2000/10/swap/", line 607, in doCommand
    _store.dumpNested(workingContext, _outSink)
  File "/home/2000/10/swap/", line 1549, in dumpNested
    self.dumpFormulaContents(context, sink, sorting=1)
  File "/home/2000/10/swap/", line 1570, in dumpFormulaContents
    self._dumpSubject(currentSubject, context, sink, sorting, statements)
  File "/home/2000/10/swap/", line 1638, in _dumpSubject
    self.dumpStatement(sink, s.quad, sorting)
  File "/home/2000/10/swap/", line 1680, in dumpStatement
    self.dumpStatement(sink, t.quad, sorting)
  File "/home/2000/10/swap/", line 1701, in dumpStatement
    self._outputStatement(sink, triple)
  File "/home/2000/10/swap/", line 1387, in _outputStatement
  File "/home/2000/10/swap/", line 922, in makeStatement
    raise RuntimeError ("Should only see first and rest in list mode",
RuntimeError: ('Should only see first and rest in list mode', ((1,
'file:/home/list-mode.n3#0_work'), (0, 'file:/home/list-mode.n3#blarghOf'),
(3, 'file:/home/list-mode.n3#_g1'), (0, 'file:/home/list-mode.n3#z')))

CWM version:-

#Processed by Id:,v 1.103 2002/08/08 02:03:35 timbl Exp
#,v 1.114 2002/08/07 14:32:21 timbl Exp

DanC has come across this error before, last September, but it was for a
different test case:-

and one which, I might add, now works:-

$ cwm --rdf --n3 | wc
    401    1419   13296


Kindest Regards,
Sean B. Palmer
@prefix : <> .
:Sean :homepage <> .

Received on Tuesday, 13 August 2002 10:37:19 UTC