Re: LANG: compliance levels

At 8:20 PM -0400 4/24/2002, Mike Dean wrote:
>Generalizing and going out on limb a bit, I'm concerned that
>we're giving RDF too much sway (ignoring charter issues).
>If WebOnt is successful, I expect most folks will use it
>rather than RDF.  This is typical in layered systems
>(compare the amount of application code written to use
>10baseT, Ethernet datagrams, IP, TCP/UDP, and HTTP which are
>(roughly) successive layers in the ISO OSI Reference Model).
>I'm a bit concerned that we're making decisions that will
>inconvenience millions of future WebOnt users for the sake
>of hundreds of current RDF users.

I very strongly agree with this point and indeed I said  similar 
things at the f2f in Amsterdam.  It is crazy that we are making our 
life difficult by imposing a RDF syntactic compatibility constraint, 
which may only be worth enforcing for a short period anyway. We 
should rather focus on semantic compatibility (and indeed we do!)


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