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RE: TBTF: In-context Framework Intro.

From: Mountain, Highland M <highland.m.mountain@intel.com>
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 17:25:23 -0700
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The most recent binding framework document contains the following:

>>Goals of the Binding Framework
>>To enable a SOAP node to take advantage of the native features of the
underlying protocols available to it. 
>>[EdNote: Would be nice to have a longer list]

Here's my 2 cents:

To advise communicating peers how to craft transport binding specifications
which facilitate system interoperability.  
< Any binding specification would need to take into account an underlying
protocol's native feature set and potentially any messaging requirements of
an application which are not satisfied by this underlying protocol.
Requirements not satisfied natively by the underlying protocol of choice
will also be included in the resulting binding specification. Our framework
needs to address both types of features.>  

In a related activity, I am putting together some prose describing the
framework, so I have been thinking along these lines.


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Subject: TBTF: In-context Framework Intro.


I've done an editing pass over the wording as we discussed on the TBTF call
yesterday, HTML'ised things and added the diagram to set things in-context
(I hope). I've added Doc Status and EdNotes with most of the major feedback
items that I could remember (I'm working from home today and I left my
scribblings at the office).

I've Cc'd the other TBTF members for visibility and I've also Cc'd the
public archive (only just discovered that there are both www-archive and
w3c-archive) in case we want to point at this stuff later.

Best regards

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