RE: Proposed Framework Text for F2F (was RE: TBTF: In-context Framework Intro.)

Not to be picky nor to put additional burden on Stuart but I am slightly
uncomfortable with the ednote as it stands. I realize that the purpose
is to give some flexibility in how we want to move forward. However, it
seems to be such a central part of the model that I am wondering whether
it would be good to qualify the differences a bit more explicitly so
that people don't get the impression that we are completely opening up
the floor to suggestions - this was at least not my impression from
today's meeting.

Could we for example promote Noah's suggestion by providing an
alternative piece of text?

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen

>Sorry to be dumping this all in your in-trays... hopefully a 
>third and final version. The merging of the two paragraphs 
>that Henrik noticed required a slight tweak to Noah's ednote 
>to refer to a single paragraph above rather than two.
>Changes are: merged paragraphs and tweak to the ednote.

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