SOAP Interface For Gofyniad (PlexRDF Query Engine)

Hi All,

In response to Dan's challenge, here is a SOAP server and client for
the query engine. At the moment, it only lets you query by file name
(can be a local file name, or an HTTP URI), but it works alright.

I had to modify a little so that it would run using a SOAP
interface (I have not added the other changes that need to be done
yet). Aaron, could you bung it in CVS please? It's attached as

As for the server and client, the server is attached as
<<>>, and runs with:-

   python > errors.html

Further to the attached, you'll need,
to run it, available from CVS [1], and of course To run the
client, which is attached as <<>>, load up the server,
and try:-

   python > output.n3

for the built in test (which runs over the Web), and:-

   python URIa URIb > output.n3

for your own query. As gets updated, more features may



Kindest Regards,
Sean B. Palmer
@prefix : <> .
:Sean :hasHomepage <> .

Received on Saturday, 10 November 2001 16:50:09 UTC