Re: CWM Logic Namespace Change?

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Subject: CWM Logic Namespace Change?

> > # **** Warning: The N3 logic namespace has changed.
> > Take the '.n3' out!
> - [1] $Id:,v 1.75 2001/05/15 21:46:00 timbl Exp $
> Do we really have to change namespaces [2], [3] on all the old stuff
> just because the old choice of namespace was inapropriate [4]?

Well, it is a pain, isn't it.  But in fact there are bigger changes!
Changing  <> forAll to this forAll for example.

> suppose that it wouldn't be as difficult if there is some tool that
> lets us say that these are equivalent. Still, this is all irrelevent
> anyway because the latest version of CWM (v 1.43) doesn't seem to want
> apply rules to anything...

That's probably because it doesn't recognise the variables (use "this")
or the log: namespace.

> To that end, I've archived some old versions of CWM/ at
> [5] for the benefit of those who are just starting to get into CWM,
> but I think it would be neat if you could make the CVS archives of
> and public, as per the SW activity page:-
> [[[
> All code will be maintained in a publicly readable CVS repository
> [...]
> ]]] -

I agree!  The problem is to sync the web site with a public repository.
I have it in the cvs repositpory whcih is protected but mirrored.
I think I should just move it and let hte web site get synched by hand or
I agree with you.

> I think I remember something in "Weaving The Web" about the danger for
> the SW being if hundreds of people start creating SW engines in their
> garages, and don't document what they do...

:)  aye... well, true ...

> CWM is a *really* wonderful tool, and it's something that introduced
> me into a great deal of the principles of the SW, but if that's
> broken, then you are preventing others from having the same
> opportunity, unless they do a heck of a lot more background research.

It has gone though a big change just recently.  I'm sorry it is a mess.
> Still, I do realise that CWM is money is the hand, and I am *very*
> thankful for that :-)
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4] [[[
> File name extension. This is a very common one. "cgi", even ".html" is
> something which will change. You may not be using HTML for that page
> in 20 years time, but you might want today's links to it to still be
> valid. The canonical way of making links to the W3C site doesn't use
> the extension.
> ]]] -
> [5]
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