CWM Logic Namespace Change?

> # **** Warning: The N3 logic namespace has changed.
> Take the '.n3' out!
- [1] $Id:,v 1.75 2001/05/15 21:46:00 timbl Exp $

Do we really have to change namespaces [2], [3] on all the old stuff
just because the old choice of namespace was inapropriate [4]? I
suppose that it wouldn't be as difficult if there is some tool that
lets us say that these are equivalent. Still, this is all irrelevent
anyway because the latest version of CWM (v 1.43) doesn't seem to want
apply rules to anything...

To that end, I've archived some old versions of CWM/ at
[5] for the benefit of those who are just starting to get into CWM,
but I think it would be neat if you could make the CVS archives of and public, as per the SW activity page:-

All code will be maintained in a publicly readable CVS repository
]]] -

I think I remember something in "Weaving The Web" about the danger for
the SW being if hundreds of people start creating SW engines in their
garages, and don't document what they do...

CWM is a *really* wonderful tool, and it's something that introduced
me into a great deal of the principles of the SW, but if that's
broken, then you are preventing others from having the same
opportunity, unless they do a heck of a lot more background research.

Still, I do realise that CWM is money is the hand, and I am *very*
thankful for that :-)

[4] [[[
File name extension. This is a very common one. "cgi", even ".html" is
something which will change. You may not be using HTML for that page
in 20 years time, but you might want today's links to it to still be
valid. The canonical way of making links to the W3C site doesn't use
the extension.
]]] -

Kindest Regards,
Sean B. Palmer
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