Re: WebOnt Requirements for Web Services

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Stefan Decker wrote:
> Dan,
> thanks for the hint - will do re privacy.
> The group is just aiming to make our personal communication
> a bit easier - not necessary the open discussion, so the archives
> are members only etc.

If you wanted to just talk amongst yourselves, you should have
just done that. But you sorta made it WG business by sending
a call-for-participation to the group. That's a little tricky.

If you want it to be separate from the WG proceedings,
which are public, then let me be clear: for my purposes as staff
this yahoo groups thing is just an extension of your personal
mailbox, which you can do with as you please. You should
be clear to the participants that what goes on there
is "advice to Stefan in completing his ACTION",
not WG business. In particular, if folks think
there's some assurance by W3C of fairness there,
then make it clear that there is not.

> Eric has already sent  an email requesting that the public discussion
> takes place on www-ws, which I think makes much sense.

That would be cool too.

Dan Connolly, W3C

Received on Thursday, 6 December 2001 13:57:34 UTC