Re: Amaya: call for relauching the project ?

Hello Antoine,

On 2014/03/19 18:21, HiddenId wrote:
> Hi all,
> If you like using AMAYA as I Iike it, shouldn't we try to relaunch its long term development, particularly, making AMAYA running better with current and future version of web browsers ?
> For sure, we know that neither W3C nor WAM INRIA deploy resource for AMAYA any more. As specified on AMAYA home web page "the application was jointly developed by W3C and the WAM project (Web, Adaptation and Multimedia)
> at INRIA. It is no more developed."
> However, if many of us email to W3C and INRIA decision makers, our encouragements to decide to maintain AMAYA as a permanent project to develop, should this have an positive impact for relaunching the project with permanent allocated resources ?
> Would this help to relaunch AMAYA development ?
> Freely,
> Antoine

Sorry to not be of much help, but please let me explain the situation as 
far as I understand (as a former member of the W3C team).

I like Amaya very much, too, and would be really delighted if 
development would continue (restart). A student of mine about a year ago 
also worked on adding HTML5 support to Amaya, her code is available at There also seem to have been others 
working on the code, see or search 
for 'Amaya' on github.

However, unfortunately, it's not just that the Amaya project at INRIA is 
closed, but that its main developers and backers are retired. So there's 
nobody at INRIA in a position to push Amaya development. Also, INRIA 
being a research institution, simply adapting Amaya to newer browsers 
may not be such an attractive project.

Anybody is of course very welcome to continue to work on Amaya, because 
it's all open source!

Regards,   Martin.

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