Re: Amaya: call for relauching the project ?

Le 19/03/14 11:24, "Martin J. Dürst" a écrit :
> Hello Antoine,
> On 2014/03/19 18:21, HiddenId wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> If you like using AMAYA as I Iike it, shouldn't we try to relaunch 
>> its long term development, particularly, making AMAYA running better 
>> with current and future version of web browsers ?
>> For sure, we know that neither W3C nor WAM INRIA deploy resource for 
>> AMAYA any more. As specified on AMAYA home web page "the application 
>> was jointly developed by W3C and the WAM project (Web, Adaptation and 
>> Multimedia)
>> at INRIA. It is no more developed."
>> However, if many of us email to W3C and INRIA decision makers, our 
>> encouragements to decide to maintain AMAYA as a permanent project to 
>> develop, should this have an positive impact for relaunching the 
>> project with permanent allocated resources ?
>> Would this help to relaunch AMAYA development ?
>> Freely,
>> Antoine
> Sorry to not be of much help, but please let me explain the situation 
> as far as I understand (as a former member of the W3C team).
> I like Amaya very much, too, and would be really delighted if 
> development would continue (restart). A student of mine about a year 
> ago also worked on adding HTML5 support to Amaya, her code is 
> available at There also seem to have 
> been others working on the code, see 
> or search for 'Amaya' on github.
> However, unfortunately, it's not just that the Amaya project at INRIA 
> is closed, but that its main developers and backers are retired. So 
> there's nobody at INRIA in a position to push Amaya development. Also, 
> INRIA being a research institution, simply adapting Amaya to newer 
> browsers may not be such an attractive project.
> Anybody is of course very welcome to continue to work on Amaya, 
> because it's all open source!
> Regards,   Martin.


Thank you all for your support.
Both INRIA and W3C stopped funding and further development on the
project and it won't be relaunched.

Some months ago, I created a github repository [1] with Amaya source 
code so that it is more visible in the open-source community.
I recently created an other github repository including the whole cvs 
history [2] to preserve the history of the project.

Relaunching Amaya would require a great investment, in particular it 
would be necessary to separate the editing part and the rendering part 
to use an existing rendering engine like Gecko. It's a huge work but it 
would facilitate further developments and the adoption of the project by 
the open-source community.

I'd like to thanks Martin and Yuka for their work on HTML5 support [3], 
I had a look at their project and it is promising.



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