Re: <mtext> while editing .mml (newbie question)

I think the Bug tracker would be the appropriate place:

> Thanks.  A keyboard shortcut is totally fine.
> If this is a bug, is there a place where I should report it?
> Adam
> On Sat, 29 Aug 2009, wrote:
>> I think that - when editing mml document - the Insert menu should be 
>> available
>> with all but the Math menu disabled. Hence I suppose you found a 
>> bug... A
>> workaround until it is fixed: use the shortcut ctrl m, ctrl x to 
>> insert a
>> <mtext/>.
>>> Could someone please tell me how to add an <mtext> tag to a document 
>>> while
>>> you're editing a .mml file? I can do it just fine when I add a bit 
>>> of math
>>> to a .html file, via the Insert menu.  But when I edit a .mml, that 
>>> menu is
>>> totally greyed out and unusable.
>>> (I could load up the source and add <mtext> </mtext> directly, but that
>>> defeats the entire purpose of using Amaya.  There's gotta be some 
>>> way of
>>> doing it from the editor, but I can't figure it out.)
>>> Thanks,
>>> Adam

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