Re: How to create nested lists in Amaya?

Hi Corné,

> At the moment I need to create a list in a list. In source, I like this:
> <ul>
> <li>here comes a sublist</li>
> <ul>
> <li>This is a sublisted item</li>
> <li>Next sublist</li>
> </ul>
> <li>next item on major list</li>
> </ul>

I guess you meant:

  <li>here comes a sublist
      <li>This is a sublisted item</li>
      <li>Next sublist</li>
  <li>next item on major list</li>

(Note that, in order to create a sub-list, it should be placed within
the desired list element to be considered a child of that element.)

> I recall by head that I could do this in Amaya by selecting the list
> function once more. However, in the current version, that does not work as
> expected...

Yes, I've just checked with version 11.2 and the behavior is somehow
buggy. I'm attaching a screen shot which both shows it's possible to
insert a sub-list and also showing a couple of issues (one is not
visible, it's behavioral).

A. Inserting a sub-list:
1. Create the list's parent element ("2" in the example), leaving the
cursor after the text;
2. Go to "Insert" menu, option "List" and select the desired list type.

B. Returning to the parent element after creating a sub-list (in the
example, "3" after creating "2.2"):
1. Press "Enter" key three times
1.1. first creates a sibling element (which would be "2.3");
1.2. second (unexpectedly) drops the list;
1.3. third one to gets the cursor into the parent level ("3").

In my opinion, the second "Enter" feels like broken behavior, although
it makes sense: Amaya places a paragraph ("<p></p>") and other kind of
content would be allowed (within the current list item's indenting
level). Nevertheless, I'd vote for Amaya supporting the usual "Tab"
and "Shift+Tab" key sequences, when the cursor is placed after the
bullet but before content, to control indenting level: this is the
interaction paradigm used in most WYSIWYG editors (Microsoft Word and
PowerPoint, for example). :-)

C. Triggering a rendering+interaction bug:
1. Before adding any content to a given list item, go to "Insert"
menu, option "List" and select a list type.

This is a somehow rare use-case, although I'd say this is
unexpected/buggy. But, as other browsers were also suffering from this
in the past (and Firefox still does [1]!), probably this can be
considered low priority. Note that, as Amaya doesn't seem to support
HTTPS (doesn't?! I just got very surprised...) -- I got a "Sorry, no
GET support yet for URLs of this type: https://[...]" error -- I
didn't checked how does Amaya perform with those (Firefox issue's)
test cases.

The problem to me, in this case, is the interaction issue: if one
creates a child list without any parent content ("OOPS!"), then it's
not possible to place the cursor in the parent content (in the
example, the next sibling of "3") without deleting it (place the
cursor before "OOPS!" and press backspace). This may be a source of
confusion to users not used to source view... :-|

> Who knows how I can get the sublist in amaya?

Hope this helps,


Received on Friday, 21 August 2009 13:10:36 UTC