How to create nested lists in Amaya?

At the moment I need to create a list in a list. In source, I like this:

<li>here comes a sublist</li>
<li>This is a sublisted item</li>
<li>Next sublist</li>
<li>next item on major list</li>

I recall by head that I could do this in Amaya by selecting the list 
function once more. However, in the current version, that does not work 
as expected...

With microsofts frontpage, I can use the 'increment indent' option to do 
so. This results in the requested sublist. If I use th is 'increment 
indent' with amaya, the <li> gets an option, which can be reasonable.

However, I do need this sublist, mainly because it is a sublist. Amayas 
'incremnet indent' is not an alternative as it dos not change the 
big-dot to an open dot.

Who knows how I can get the sublist in amaya?


Received on Friday, 21 August 2009 10:12:53 UTC