Amaya Bug - Site do not display

Hi again. Another issue with Amaya I would like to report. I don't know if
Amaya is supposed to be HTML Strict by design. Any way I'm trying to
contribute. Please let me know. Details below. -Randy


Issue:      Web page cannot play background music.

Diagnostic: Page displays correctly, but has no sound.

Browser:    Amaya 8.6 (Jul 9, 2004)
OS:         Windows XP SP2

Comments:   Mozila Firefox 1.0 does not play the music.
            Internet Explorer 6.0 does play the music.

            The BGSOUND object is a Microsoft extension to
            HTML, that has been around since many years.
                        The element is available in HTML as of
            Internet Explorer 3.0, and in script as of
            Internet Explorer 4.0.

            More information about this element can be found at:

Received on Monday, 25 October 2004 07:21:19 UTC