RE: Amaya Crash with 100-continue

> From:	Jose Kahan []
> Second question, why are you not using HTTP/1.1? :) Have you tried using
> mod_put in apache or my own (now old) put.c program?
	According to the evidence provided the question should
	be why is Amaya not using HTTP/1.1.

> > It seems odd that Amaya is expecting a response that according to the
> Amaya is not an origin server, but an HTTP 1/1 client.
	[DJW:]  The evidence presented is that it is a
	HTTP 1.0 client; the PUT in the trace purports to
	come from Amaya.  I would say that any HTTP 1.0 
	client sending Expect: 100-Continue could reasonably
	expect to either have it ignored or receive a 417 
	status return.

	I would say that an HTTP 1.0 request with an Expect 
	header was broken.


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