Amaya Crash with 100-continue

If Amaya attempts to PUT to a server, it will send an HTTP/1.0 request with
an "Expect: 100-continue" header. This is a 1.1 feature, and as the RFC

As the RFC you referenced states:

    An origin server [...] MUST NOT send a 100 (Continue) response if such a
    request comes from an HTTP/1.0 (or earlier) client.

It seems odd that Amaya is expecting a response that according to the RFC I
am not allowed to send it. In addition, if I do not send the 100 Continue
response (as my server does not implement it), Amaya (appropriately) sends
the body of the message. However, it then crashes (on Win32).

I would appreciate if these two bugs (sending an inappropriate expect
header, and crashing) could be fixed. They are serious barriers to PUT
compatibility with Amaya.

If necessary, I can provide a server against which you can test this
behavior. Please email me directly for the information.

Thank you,
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Received on Wednesday, 28 March 2001 16:42:18 UTC