My name is Darrell Bowman im a graphic designer
with the Mcluhan Program at the University of Toronto.

I have been associated with then since 1995 and 
the Goverment of Canada has come to us to build 
websites with forums to talk about what the public
thinks some of the Policies the Goverment should 
undertake for the Internet.

So in response to John Russell's statements on 
tables i have to agree. My problems stem from
meeting the needs of varies browsers Netscape
being one. Pine and Linux text browsers another.

I have to work with base browser not everyone has
the smarts that we people have to figure all this out.
And if it ain't working all the words arent going to fix it.

We need a stable solution cross browsers. The thing 
we like about w3c is that its not corporate driven.
And i did watch a homer simpson episode where he
put everything into a car that the public wanted.
And the car went under. 

I keep going back to the roots and looking for a good
stable solution ie dreamweavers 4 tables and homesite.

my 2cents

Received on Friday, 30 March 2001 04:01:21 UTC