Re: displaying images

> Hi,
> I am a software developer but relative new to html and amaya. I have done 
> some searching for the answer to this (I hope) simple question in your 
> archives but have not found anything yet.
> Both amaya.png and another simple graphic (jpg) I have display quite 
> differently with amaya than they do with a simple graphic viewer and with 
> Opera on my PC.  They both look like bits have overflowed from each 
> pixel.  amaya.png which is grey scale? shows up in some kind of hacked color.
> Any ideas?  Or this the right place for this kind of question?

Due to a long story, PNG picture colors are filtered. We have to remove this
filter, but we didn't find the time to update this part of the code.
Hope it will be done in the next release.

Received on Friday, 30 March 2001 02:10:37 UTC