Re: Bug report and ideas

> 1) About the main ToolBar :
> Why the E, S, C buttons behaves as Toggle Button but not H1, H2, H3
> and Lists ? I mean, If I active the H1 on a text part, I can't disable
> it easily.

Toggles E, S, C let you set/delete the corresponding markup. For headings
and lists, usually you don't remove the markup but you replace it by 
another markup: H1 becomes H2 or P. If you select a H1 and click on H2 you 
do exactly that. As you can see, only inline tags (see Style/Information 
type and Style/Character element) are toggles.

> It is possible to have a contextual toolbar depending on the object
> used ?

It's possible but it is a bit complex.

> 2) About simple use :
> Adding a gif images shows an annoying comment : "The Alternate text is
> mandatory"

Yes, it is.

> There's a lot of bug in the table object :
> a) Build an 10, 10 table. Go to the first cell and try to do several
> line.

You inserted several paragraphs in a cell?

> b) Build in the amaya introduction page a table of any size with a
> border > 2. Then insert another table with a border of size 1, the
> main table is resetted to a border of size 1.

I tried that scenario on Unix and Windows platforms and it worked well.

> c) Build a 5, 5 table. Add a text in the first column in the first
> row, then add a text in the second column in other line. We can't
> select the first column content !

When you click in the document Amaya looks for the nearest element. If the
cell of the first column in the second row is empty by default that element 
is located at the left border of its column and its size is 2 pixels width.
When you click in the first large column, you have more chances to be closer 
to the second column cell than the first column cell.
You have to click on the left side of the column or to use arrow keys to move
the current selection.

> d) Sometime a *** Thot: Irrecoverable error *** crashes Amaya with
> tables.

If you have a clear and repeatable scenario, that can help us to fix bugs.

> 6) Window
> Dialog box are not always straightforward. The first think, is that I
> can't kill it using the [x] Window icon. I don't understand the
> interest of the 'Clear' button.  What is the difference between
> 'Done' and 'Apply' ? Same thing if 'Done' is for 'Confirm' why such
> different name ?

In some cases there is no [x] Window icon because it's not proposed by
the dialogue toolkit.
Attribute dialogues (there are other dialogues too) have a button Apply 
that adds the attribute and its current value to the current selected
element. The dialogue don't disappear after an Apply for letting you apply
the same attribute value to different elements (this was a request of
Amaya users). In these cases there is a button Done that closes the 
dialogue box (nothing else is done by the button Done).
The button Cancel closes the dialogue box, but can also undo what was
already prepared since the beginning of the operation.
Ex: when you create an image or a link, Amaya inserts the new element and
asks you for the target image/link value. If you cancel, the dialogue, the 
inserted element image/link is removed.

> For example : On the action Background image item, Clicking on the
> Confirm button will do nothing, It should close the dialog and do
> nothing without a Background.

It does if there is a valid background image. But I agree there is a bug
here, because the dialogue should be closed.

> 7) Navigation :
> Previous and Next doesn't work very well in Edition Mode.
> Ex : I'm creating a new page, When clicking the previous button <--
> it goes to the Amaya Introduction page (which is I don't understand
> why for edition). I can't go again to my new page.

It's not a bug. I guess you created a new document, but you didn't save 
it. Amaya considered that it was a mistake and didn't registered that page
in the history. If you edited and saved the new document, it was be


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