Bug report and ideas


Thank you for your work !

I use Amaya for my site (www.djefer.com), however I notice some
troubles in handling.

I list here a set of trouble and improvment ideas :

1) About the main ToolBar :

Why the E, S, C buttons behaves as Toggle Button but not H1, H2, H3
and Lists ? I mean, If I active the H1 on a text part, I can't disable
it easily.

It is possible to have a contextual toolbar depending on the object
used ?

2) About simple use :

Adding a gif images shows an annoying comment : "The Alternate text is

There's a lot of bug in the table object :

a) Build an 10, 10 table. Go to the first cell and try to do several
b) Build in the amaya introduction page a table of any size with a
border > 2. Then insert another table with a border of size 1, the
main table is resetted to a border of size 1.
c) Build a 5, 5 table. Add a text in the first column in the first
row, then add a text in the second column in other line. We can't
select the first column content !
d) Sometime a *** Thot: Irrecoverable error *** crashes Amaya with

3) About menus :

I think, there's ergonomic problems.

Here, current main menu :

[File] [Edit] [Types] [Links] [Views] [Style] [Special] [Attributes]
[Annontations] [Help]

Example of change :

Types could be renamed as Objects. Links could be integrated in
it. Views could ne in an [Option] menu, [Special] could be integrated
in it. Is there an interest with Annotations ? Could be so in the

[File] [Edit] [Objects] [Style] [Option] [Help]
       |   |
       + Links  + Views
    + Special ( to rename Preference ).

[Attributes] is a contextual menu, it should be visible or active
without valid Object.

4) Short cut :

I need to use Ctrl+Shift+B for active Bold, same thing for Italic.

5) Popup Menu :

It will be better if contextual Popup Menu could be available. It will
avoid to find in main menu what we need.

6) Window

Dialog box are not always straightforward. The first think, is that I
can't kill it using the [x] Window icon. I don't understand the
interest of the 'Clear' button.  What is the difference between
'Done' and 'Apply' ? Same thing if 'Done' is for 'Confirm' why such
different name ?

For example : On the action Background image item, Clicking on the
Confirm button will do nothing, It should close the dialog and do
nothing without a Background.

7) Navigation :

Previous and Next doesn't work very well in Edition Mode.

Ex : I'm creating a new page, When clicking the previous button <--
it goes to the Amaya Introduction page (which is I don't understand
why for edition). I can't go again to my new page.

Best regards,

Alexandre Brillant


Received on Monday, 19 March 2001 03:26:41 UTC