Re: more on MathML pallettes

Nice idea, but I think that, given Amaya's role, using an XML structure would be
more appropriate than an INI format. Something along the lines of :

<palette title="Arithmetic" rowcount="3" colcount="2" >

Same benefits, but probably cleaner conceptually.

> A thought on implementation of MathML entity pallettes.
> It would be convenient to capture the contents data
> within .ini files.  This would save having to make 'fixed'
>  decisions on what glyphs go in each pallette at make time
>  as well as allowing users to set up their own.  In addition
>  glyphs accidentally missed can be added easily. And
> finally it would remove drag/drop and dialog requirements
> for building user pallettes
> An example syntax for pallette1.ini could be:
> [row]
> &cross;
> &divide;
> [row]
> &pm;
> &neq;
> [row]
> etc.
> [end]

Received on Tuesday, 20 March 2001 16:44:14 UTC