Re: embeding SGV with the <object> tag

Hi Bertrand,

With the support of paths, the implementation of SVG in Amaya is making
some progress. This will be available in the release scheduled for tomorrow.
With this release, the only way to include SVG drawings into XHTML documents
is to use namespaces. We have plans for supporting the img tag in a future
release, but without the object element. Something like:

<p>A nice paragraph followed by a drawing.</p>
<img src="URLOfSomeSVGFile"/>
<p>A paragraph after the drawing.</p>

Obviously the drawing will have to be served with mime type "image/svg".
Not sure yet if we will spend time on the object thing.


Bertrand Ibrahim wrote:
> Hi,
> now that Amaya offers support for SVG, is it possible, or will it be soon
> possible to include an SVG file in an HTML document using the <object> tag,
> e.g. like this:
> <object type="text/svg" data="URLOfSomeSVGFile">
>   <img src="URLOfSameGraphicsInGifFormat">
> </object>
> Peace,
> Bertrand Ibrahim.
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Received on Wednesday, 14 March 2001 12:59:29 UTC